SC2 stuck on loading on MBP16 M1PRO

I just got my MBP 16 M1PRO 2021 and wanted to fire up SC2 for old times sake, but it would just open up this small window where a loading bar just goes from left to right and vice versa and never ends up loading the game. Tried force quitting it, reinstalling, SC2, everything, and it still would not go beyond that loading window. WHich is odd since people are saying it works quite well in the latest Macbook PROs.


If you see a green loading bar this is related to an older issue where waiting around 15-30 minutes the game will load. Another workaround would be to disable your network connection, start the game in offline mode, then reconnect to the internet.

See if these helps steps help resolve the issue. Let us know! Thank you.

I recently installed & SC2 on a new MBP M1 Max and am running into the same issue. It seems when SC2 closes it doesn’t quite clean up after itself correctly. I can launch the game once from a fresh boot, but any subsequent launches just seem to hang on this window: tinyurl com/yph8yvff

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