SC2 gets the blizzard forums at last!

Does this mean I will no longer be barred from posting just because I’m using a recent portrait? :smiley:

Too bad I have no time for the forums anymore – this would have been really cool 5-7 years ago. Better late then never though, right guys?

I see Cydra ported over the MVPS: MOST VALUABLE FORUM POSTERS sticky even though the MVP program is basically dead. (And apparently, I’m not Green here anymore anyway!)


Yay no more terran TCF downvote :open_mouth:

Crap, hearthstone have moved to this forum some time ago and I don’t like it

You have been demoted.

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Thats OK, I deserved it. Plus there is no difference between MVPs and normal posters now, especially since Blizzard fired most of the CMs…

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The lay offs/firings are the biggest of oofs but sadly this was not something they should of not seen coming.

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Im honestly not sure how I feel about this. Can we please have pages at least?


Not going into wether I like it or not, but there is a scroll bar on the side with numbers showing the post. It sort of resolves most peoples complaints about pages.

Maybe if they made it a little fatter to make it easier to click on. Or if they added some more visuals to it to make it at like pages. maybe with load stuff to make it load faster if and when posts becomes really long.

But it’s possibly this means the game is so lacking in players they expect that never to be an issue.

All things come to rise or fall, so do we really need to continue the petty jips like that? I anticipated the change to these forums many months ago since they started doing it to the other forums. It shouldn’t have been a surprise to any except the newest of players to join.

Forum pages aren’t really needed anymore. You can easily click the date info given at the top or bottom of the scroll bar, and when you return to a thread you were in, you can click back to pick up where you left off.

I think the new forums fixes more things than what it changes / “breaks”. Now we can actually search for posts by text, search a thread by text (at top too), post hyperlinks, track posts and have a better integreated environment for games and forums.

Actually there are more players now then it was 3 years ago thanks to SC2 being free to play.

awesome! I will miss down voting idiots but this is still cool.


It’s stupid on mobile. When you’re limited on how much space you have and the thread creator’s name is half og the section; click a bit off centre and you go into the thread creator’s profile page rather than the thread.