SC2 Editor Limitation Questions

Hello guys and gals, it’s been a while since I’ve touched SC2, and it’s my first time using the galaxy editor, and I believe that it has more creative freedom than the SC1 map editor because you can create your own units, models, and races from scratch AFAIK…

But there are some things that concerns me is what is the maximum amount of triggers, models, new units or races that you can make in the editor without crashing or receiving any errors, because I have ideas for an ambitious crossover with assets from other franchises including stuff from Japan… something that’s starts with an A.

If this topic has been posted before, then please feel free to post anything related to this topic. I appreciate your help in advance.

Maybe if there are limitations, you can save various stuff as “others” mods that then are loaded as dependencies, but I’m not sure, this is too far from my level.

The only limitation I know of is that the arcade is moderated, so an “ambitious crossover with other IP” most likely won’t fly (Otherwise you KNOW we’d have had a DBZ map or two), though you CAN just save a local copy of the map file and distribute that no problem if you ignore file size.
Well okay, another limitation is that it’s horrifically underoptimized compared to the game, which also has that problem to a lesser degree, and it’s absurd overcomplication, the simple act of disabling units in a tech tree has never been more difficult in starcraft history, so it badly needs a simple mode for dumb people like me who struggle with programming (just a comparative example, not a literal one).
But if you can work past those, or be able to ignore them, then as far as I know, there isn’t any kind of limitation, iirc you can basically make an entire game with Galaxy Editor, if it had support for creating standalone exe files, then you could LITERALLY make an entire game with it, but idk if it does.

Who knows, maybe somebody could just make a building in the game where it allows you to play Starcraft 1 in starcraft 2 (like playing Hexen in Doom) but that would be such absurdly immense work nobody’s likely to do it. As far as I know, only Doom has people that passionate working with it, there may be passionate SC2 mappers, but none as passionate as a doom modder.

I just now today, Feb 19th, 2023, saw this thread, and I felt like letting you know that I too just started once again playing SC2, and using the editor, as well.

Compared to your post, my (so called) skills are very weak, but it is good to see others are still playing and using the editor, as well.

Yeah, I have no idea how to disable tech per player on any given map like you can in Warcraft III or even the original Starcraft. As for limits, last night me and one other user on Discord found out that sounds and actors count toward the same limit for some reason. Additionally, said limit is 45,400, give or take, which is actually less than what the War3 Classic and Coop mods have combined (which is nearly 49,000), which is why the two are incompatible.