Rough Rider Raynor Might be Overtuned

Rough rider should have another disadvantage to focus playstyle more on mech.
“Barracks unit training times increased by +100%” or “+2 and +3 weapons upgrades at the engineering bay are unavailable”

Both of these would leave regular bio openings relatively unchanged while incentivizing players to transition into mech or hybrid mech during the mid/late game. The former would make it difficult to replace army (which happens mostly in the late game where splash is everywhere) while the latter would weaken bio damage while still allowing them to meat shield for mech units.

Justification for why rough rider needs disadvantage:
Currently, Rough rider is a straight-up buff. Afterburner attack speed is very potent to the point where the extra gas cost doesn’t really matter, and no one misses the 100% move speed bonus.

The prestige has 0 effect on mass bio+spider mine style (which is raynor’s “standard” build). So it buffs mech while having no downsides to bio. There is no reason to pick default raynor over this prestige.

The purpose (I assume) for this prestige is to promote more factory builds, but it does so in a way that doesn’t DISCOURAGE bio play. For boosting factory/starport play, its drawback should be weakening barracks units.

Perhaps just make stim unavailable. (since it makes afterburners into a type of stim)

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If we do that I would suggest increasing the duration of afterburners from 8 sec -> 15 sec.

Rough Rider’s disadvantage is fine the way it is. Right now most people do not use bio. They usually go for BCs because they have high hp unlike bios. Their bios die too quickly and doesn’t build multiple CCs to replenish.

You could change the advantage to increasing attacking speed to 50-70% rather than 100%. I saw the preview from CTG and his siege tanks were firing like marine’s machine guns (in siege mode). It’s really super overpowered so lowering it to 50-70% attack speed is reasonable.

Blizzard probably figured out most people do not take advantage of mules to make / replenish their bio army. That’s why they designed the first prestige and left bios alone in 2nd/3rd prestige.

Blizzard wants to encourage more people to play Raynor because he is one of the harder commanders to play. Implementing these prestiges would do just that.