Rifts to Korhal in 6:55 - Brutal

Was quite surprised that we manged to push it to under 7 minutes.


Truly a wonderous play! BRAVO! BRAVOOO!

While that was really well done, and a bit risky, it wasn’t a 6:55. The game’s control officially ended at around 6:57/6:58.

speedrun records use the in-game timer next to the mini-map, not the replay timer

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Ah. I was looking at the replay timer rather than the in-game timer. That’s my bad.

Congrats! I can only imagine how many runs that must have taken.

good game!

question: how do you use mouse wheel as hotkeys?
i can’t :frowning:

Is there a video of abathur point of view?

i just set it as a hotkey like any other button, no special action required

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here it is


Thanks! 20characters

Fishing for Zerg AI, lol

Gods of coop:) I’d to see how you play as karax after last changes, especially on SoA and PP. With do bonus objectives

And Blizzard won’t nerf them. Blizzard is such a joke.

Why should they be nerfed? This isn’t a competitive game. Some commanders start fast, and others start slow or have other strengths.

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Sometimes I think I’m a decent player but then I see a vid like this and I realize how far I have to go, haha. Very nice

I am not pro nerfs. Blizzard just has a nerf history, so they are very inconsistent.