Reverting changes doesn't restore units in data module

So the steps leading up to the problem. I will write in a step by step fashion: I was making a map using renees warcraft 3 mod before all the ptr updates, on the live version of editor. I launched a copy of the map on ptr editor.

After it loaded up I went to dependencies and removed the Renees warcraft 3 mods from dependency list and added all the 4 new warcraft dependencies (warcraft III art mod was already there so: Warcraft Coop art mod, -classic, -classic system, -coop data mod) on the same go. Then I just pressed ok as usual. It worked and all my units were still there, albeit seemingly not using my custom scaling as everything seemed to revert to new warcraft mod file customization.

So the problem itself: So now after what I’ve wrote above, every time I delete a custom modification of a unit in the data module and try to revert to get it restored, it doesn’t stay there. It just appears for 0.3 seconds and gets deleted again.

So for example if I modify something like a marine, it creates a duplicate of it in the data list as it should do as usual. So deleting it and reverting changes restores it for 0.3 seconds but then again removes it completely.

I re-launched the ptr editor and made a new clean arcade map without any additional dependencies. I immediately went to data module and edited some random stuff on a marine. Then I deleted the new marine from the data list and then reverted changes. It returned the marine back and redoing changes and reverting works as it is. So it’s something to do with my map and or dependencies.

I also tried saving after changing dependencies but it doesn’t help.

EDIT: The problem only applies to the units and whatever that were made before bringing the map to the PTR. It reverts a footman unit normally if I make a modification to it in the ptr editor but it doesn’t revert normally a footman I had before I brought the map to the PTR editor with the new war3 mods.