Respawning Minerals?

I didn’t find any tutorial on respawning Minerals.

I wanna create a C&C - like Gamemode for the Arcade. But i don’t know how i respawn Minerals & let them “grow” over time. So it is just like one of the first C&C Games.

Actually i thought, there might already be a Tutorial Video. Since it sounds like the common thing, some one might wanna use.

Well, first, you would have to figure what exactly do you want.
When I think of minerals growing, I wonder if every “patch” of minerals has a chance to grow, or if a “super patch” (group of connected patches) has a chance to grow, and is that chance increased depending on the quantity and quality of patches making the super patch.

In other words, need more specs to know in what direction to think.

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I want a single patch to be spawned with just 5 Minerals, in a specific Area. But inside the specific Area, it should be randomly placed.

Already existing Minerals should just grow/ increase by ammount X. And the Chance that it “Grows” increases every time, the more time passes.

I am going to start some C&C and record the Minerals Growing… So it is visualized.
edit: C&C Minerals - YouTube Here like that

I thought of something.
Since you mentions “respawning minerals”, implying they can disappear completely, this reminded me that in Tiberian Sub, there were Tiberium trees, and in Red Alert, I think there sometimes were (decorative and unselectable) gold mines.
This may be a clue: a visible or invisible unit, in the middle of your “specific area”, in charge of spawning the minerals, allowing them to grow, and even to spread if that’s what you want.

I think many things/effect in the game are handled through invisible objects/units.

I’m good at manipulating data, and I’ve done work on resources (your idea of resource growing over time, I’ve done exactly that in one of my game mods). I can help, however, step by step, and If I got the time (probably week-ends).

I encourage you to join our discord if you haven’t yet:

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