Remove ascension perk pairs?

The prestige options look great, but some may completely negate a perk pair.

Have you considered allowing us to pick up to three perks out of six instead of limiting us to pick one of of a pair?

This would allow us to pick even two of the same pair, but three in total just as before.

Honestly that or a adjustment to Zagara mastery or maybe giving adding a third mastery bucket to her or other commanders might be fun. It could maybe replace zagara masteries with a +1%-30% explosion radius on one, +15% explosion damage on the other? Then if they really wanted maybe you could diversify it and add a third bucket to each row for other commanders unlocked after the first prestige, etc 0.2-6 hps Regenerative bio steel mastery for raynor, -0.5-15% tychus gear cost vs tri outlaw or bundled into outlaw availability, -1.5-45% weapon costs on mengsk troopers etc.

Yeah, what I was aiming at is when a specific prestige makes both options obsolete.

So choosing one more from the remaining options would be nice.