Regular Brutal increasing in difficulty?

When they added Brutal+ I noticed a shift in difficulty. Enemy waves felt beefier, larger and just more powerful in general. Now I’m not complaining, normally I’m a player who can F2+A click through the level because I know the wave spawn times, how to counter comps and play double random so I’m versatile.

But today felt really differently. Now, one of my games was on CoA, vs Terran Mech as Nova. No big deal, Marauder+Golaith takes care of it easily.
First wave spawn showed 2 blips. Weird, so enemy comes in with like 8 vultures. That hurt, delayed us a lot. Even my Dehaka ally thought it was weird. Next wave, enemy pulls out 3 BCs and 8 tanks at 8 min which almost kills us.

For the rest of the game each enemy wave spawns twice. So 2 staggered lines of tanks with goliaths, vultures and 4-6 BCs every enemy wave. Which for regular Brutal is not normal.

Chain of Ascension is known for having an unusually high jump in enemy tech level on the second attack wave. Specifically, it goes from level 2 to level 5 (which is the highest level on some maps). The site explains it in a truly exasperating amount of detail. Here are some strings of text that absolutely aren’t URLs since we aren’t allowed to post those:


Attack waves are based on the cost of units
So when you have a ridiculously cheap unit like a vulture as your first wave, instead of fighting like 4 adepts, you fight like 8 vultures.
It’s really dumb how cheap they are.

Besides 2nd wave being insanely strong in this specific map, Classic Terran Mech is really strong enemy comp. So, just unlucky coincidence, but nothing new.

As others said this could just be a confluence of factors creating an especially relentless onslaught, but I also know what you’re getting at. There’s definitely been times when I was a bit taken aback by how large a wave was, or how quickly it came out. That’s why I like brutal actually; it’s not frustratingly hard, but it’s enough that I can’t sleepwalk through it either. Make a couple of mistakes, fall behind, and it can get Brutal.

Sounds like fun. I remember a particularly powerful second wave. I think I will play more Chain of Ascension from now on, muting that hysterical voice of course

Vultures are light, so bust out anything that destroys light

It is a bug then.

I too sometimes experience unusual spike in difficulty.

I check both mine and my partner difficulty. It is hard but sometimes the attack way are much larger, come sooner or just general harder to kill.

One time i play P&P, there was bots instead of the normal crate and we had to kill them to get the parts. Each crate also noticeably gives less parts than supposed.

I know how to kill vultures, but it’s disproportionately difficult compared to, say 4 adepts, which are also supposed to be good vs light.

That advice is useless btw. The things that beat vultures early on are NOT anti light, they’re anti everything. Assuming this attack wave hits before calldowns are ready (which is understandable, especially because they move so quickly). Let’s go down the list, looking for anti light units:

You’re gonna make 3-4 firebats as raynor by the 3 minute mark?
Nothing Kerrigan has is anti light
You can’t get Phoenix out that early as artanis
Swann hellions/hellbats are light, so they’re going to get vaporized by vultures
Nothing zagara has is anti light
You can’t get DT with shadow fury out that early as vorazun
You cant get mirages out that early as Karax
You can’t get anti light damage roaches that early as abathur
Nothing alarak has is anti light
You can’t get hellbats out that quick as nova, and even if you could they would get vaporized because they’re light
Nothing stukov has is anti light
You MIGHT be able to rush mojo out. Still, vultures could still do some big economic damage since they ignore air units
You can’t get primal igniters and their upgrade out that quick as dehaka
Han and horner hellbats get vaporized
Nothing tychus has is anti light (and you aren’t going to make Blaze, face it)
Nothing Zeratul has is anti light
Nothing stetmann has is anti light
Mengsk can afford flame troopers, though they will set you back a bit

Obviously, it’s not like most commanders are instalose, they still have options like overcharge, orbital strike, etc. but anti-light units are not going to kill vultures that early.

Whining too much. Karax and Alarak just blow them up. Dehaka comes out even earlier and kills them himself

HH mag mines, and I always rush one strike fighter. Don’t waste mag mines in a field, drop 1 or 2 judiciously, then more in combat. Use mastery

Mengsk ez

Stet just gary them. Zerglings outnumber

Tychus 1 grenade ez

Stukov infest

Did you not read literally the first thing I said?

I’m not asking for advice, I’m saying your advice of

means nothing, which it doesn’t. All of the things you listed are common sense obvious things that kill vultures, yes, but they aren’t anti light, which you implied you should get with that statement

In fact, probably the only one who has to worry about a 2+ minute Vulture attack is Zeratul - Mengsk, Raynor, and Fenix would be on there except they do indeed make anti light

Raynor can even call down Dusk Raiders if he’s specd

Goliath + marauder is not very efficient comp, no big surprize they had problems with ultra-wave on Chain of Ascension. Btw Nova has airstrike so such waves aren’t a big deal even when playing solonova. I’m personally dont use airstrike very often, but i use specific mech comp that can deal with thing not using airstrikes alot.

Doesn’t really matter if something does bonus damage to light. The fact that banelings can blow up any tier one units with ease is enough.

The biggest (and only?) problem about vulture wave is that they put down spider mines if are not killed quickly.

What I don’t understand is how one person can say that he knows how to deal with a wave and start a topic of how it is hard to deal with a wave.

Most people don’t notice the 1st wave, maybe you know less than you think you know.

That is with zerg composition. Instead of enemy units and static defense guarding the crates like with other comps, there are those bots. It’s not hard, but it can be annoying when some of the bots start attacking your main base, which does not happen for other races.

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