Reaver Skin for Disruptors

I don’t ask for much. I would LOVE to have a full Reaver skin/model/UI instead of that CRAP disruptor design. I don’t mind the change in mechanics. You can keep the balance and all mechanics EXACTLY the same. Just give an option in the shop to buy the model which is ALREADY there in the game. The same can be done with Stalkers which could be replaced by the official Dragoon model. It’s a purely visual change which would be loved A LOT of players. Blizzard can also make a few bucks selling the skins which are already made. LIKE this post so that moderators notice this idea.

Maybe for custom games. But in pro and high level play, even split second delay in reaction from lack of unit recognition can change the outcome of a game.

Not everyone played SC1, though most have. If a few tenths of a second the gold color of dragoon looks more like immortals, you don’t pull your warp prism, medivac back quite on time, they blink under it and snipe it.

It’s something that seems harmless and for most of us it honestly would be mostly harmless . But higher on the SC2 food chain, a split second delay in unit recognition can mean so much.

There is a solution to that pro problem as well. It’s making all skins local to the client which uses them. You would basically always see what YOU want. If you set a ful skin for Protos and Terran, then in ALL online games and in ALL replays you would see ALWAYS the skins you choose. Another advantage of this idea is that it increases demand for skins, because “whales” like to customize their games. Pros would set they skins as they see fit and it would not interfere with the skins set by other pros. Do you know what’s funny about this? The funny part is what I just described requires LESS work, than what is currently in the game. That’s because synchronizing skins between clients requires additional code, which they wrote, because they want to FORCE you to look at skins set by other players. XD

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