Ranking system broken

why does this game match ranked and unranked players? then why does it match a diamond with 3 bronze against 4 gold? like, match like ranked players together and have them work up? it’s absolutely awful i am about to quit the game

They average MMR in teams. If they split it too much, then you will wait 5 minutes for a game.

I’d rather wait and have even teams. that or take the game off the servers.
If it’s no longer popular move on. but for as many people that i see play. every game is completely miss matched and there are more than enough players to just make even teams. Idk, just really frustrating.

You simply have to carry all. the. time. like in DotA2.

that doesnt make for fun

Its the same MMR buddy
This game is trash tho - what you truly need to address is how broken P and Z are

LOL ITS BEEN LIKE IT FOR 10 YEARS! you played over 5000 games and did you just noticed it recently? im in SHOCK!

But honestly its based on group MMR rather than individual MMR. So it does kinda works as expected, I guess?