R.I.P Mothership Core

Good day to you all,

I am writing this expressing my deepest regrets that the Mothership Core unit that once belonged to the mighty protoss…

Has now been taken out and all subsequent strategies/builds around it as well.

What am I and other players from this era of protoss to do? All of my builds were built around the use of this unit usually in a early rush/harass situations that could either be expanded on or all in’ed on depending on the early game outcomes.

Are there phoenix builds? I dislike the adept. Terran is way to OP with their new units. Zerg are decent.

This is why Naniwa does not play SC2 anymore!

Why write this now?
Core has been removed like a year ago at least.
Are you just picking up the game again?
Mama ship core was flimsy and gimmicky. Required very precise timings and essentially had to be build as part of normal play without flexibility. It was just not sustainable imo.
Fine more builds online, you’ll be fine.

Was the core even a thing in LotV? The game is super different now with 12 workers and half the minerals everywhere.

Lol, for a second there, I thought Blizz brought back the MSC then removed it again.

They took away the mothership core. The only unit the protoss had to defend against marauders and early zergling rush.

What did Blizzard give us in return, a flimsy adept that is never any good outside the first 3 minutes of the game and NEVER usesful at any point period. Due to their weak health, armor, and damage.

I totally hate the adept, Yes, micro it the first 2 minutes get five workers killed from you opponent if A. Not expecting B. They are at a lower rank level.

Even professional games on youtube, the adept usefullness is never above 3 workers killed.

I very much rather have keeped the mothership core.