Quick LoTV questions

After playing the Legacy of the void campaign again there are some things that have me get curious

  1. Does Fenix have any special dialogue if you first retrieve him then go to Korhal to help Raynor?

  2. Does every dark templar desintigrates into dust like Zeratul after he/she dies?

  3. Why are the protoss not building more ships like the Spear of Adun? Does it take hundreds of years to build or do they just not need them?

  4. Where Amons body was forged on Aiur, is that the same place where the Overmind was killed by Tassadar?

  5. If Swann ever meet Rohana what Nickname would he give her like he gave Artanis the Skippy nickname?

No, he just stands there.

Yes, most likely.

Spear of Adun is an ancient ship from the Golden Age. The time changes, and the need of such ships disappeared.

The same exact place, yes.

Probably “Girl with cool haircut”.

Zeratul was snapping 3 years before it was cool :sunglasses:

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Correct, he doesn’t remember Raynor.

Not entirely clear. We have examples of them being killed by other DTs and their corpses remaining (e.g., Mohandar and Taelus). Because of this, one can presume that Raszagal’s corpse still remained after Zeratul killed her assuming Kerrigan didn’t do anything else to her biology since she died conscious as a Nerazim. There are also cinematic examples of DTs dying and turning into blue dust, though by the zerg.

For the Artanis and Zeratul scene, I believe it’s important to understand the details. Amon-controlled Zeratul was using bane blades, which is 100% made with void energy from Amon’s realm as opposed to the Nerazim’s mix of void and psionic energies in their warp blades. It is possible that the bane blades can destructure protoss bodies differently.

In-game cutscene of Ma’lash’s body disintegrating before entering the pool during Rak’shir:

Huge, huge infrastructural investment. You need resources, engineering, labour, databases, a (grand) preserver, starforges built inside, and to store away thousands and thousands of zealots to make one of these ships.

Yes, specifically, Amon made his body from the Overmind’s corpse and many mind-controlled protoss.

Whatever you want. Maybe “Dewey”?

I believe you meant Artanis here. Great post though.

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He’s not using bane blades. The color just switches when they become mind controlled by Amon. It’s not like he went to get different equipment after being mind controlled. See the Salvation cinematic where the color changes back to blue.

And warp blades just use the void. Psionic energy is not a distinct energy type in StarCraft. Psionic energy can be khala or void or literally anything else.

He’s disintegrating because he got hit by a dragonball z energy beam.

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Good catch, thanks.

Fair enough.

Artanis and Fenix were able to use Zeratul’s and some Nerazim renegades’ warp blades respectively presumably without channeling the void. This would suggest that the weapons were initially forged with those channeled energies inside, but its strength relies on the user’s will.

Good catch - seems like I might’ve misinterpreted the SC Wiki. DTs themselves are psionic users, but there’s nothing explicitly saying that their warp blades were infused with both psionic and void energies - their design was initially based on the psionic blades.

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But we do know that bane blades draw all of its void energy from Amon.

The beam came from his bane blades, so I’m more inclined to think they’re an extension of that energy.

Its unclear if the red color is just a manifestation of Amon’s void taint in the power source or if it legitimately is actually transforming them into bane blades by channeling his pure void energies.

Not that i think it matters, because theres no indication that Bane Blades operate like that anyway. My personal theory is that Zeratul disintegrated because of all the psionic storms he was hit with, and once he stopped being able to hold himself together, the residual energies just tore his body apart.


It came from his hands. Sure he has the bane blades out, but every time we see a protoss channel psionic energies like that, no matter its source, it comes from their hands or other body parts, not from their equipment.


Upon closer inspection, you’re definitely right. Thanks for the correction.

I seriously doubt it’s the latter because different psi blades all use different equipment (crystals).

Psi blades = khaydarin
Warp blades = Argus
Bane = bloodshard

I think it’s more that Amon is sending some his red void energy through the khaydarin crystals.

Like Palpatine extending his life with the force.

Yep. The technology channels the void, not necessarily the Protoss himself.

Same principle, yeah, although in this case it was more fending off the effects of the lightning than giving some positive affect to himself that ended.

Maybe this following the original guideline is a weapon of extreme necessity to keep alive the last protoss away from its main threat, Rohana prohibited the construction of more because having a fleet of these would give the illusion of invincibility to the Templars in a suicidal war, and would take them to use them as weapons, well Artanis did not use exactly as intended for So Athe element of being unique was necessary to keep it safe and proto civilization at the end of it all is an ark

All correct, but that’s not why they stop at three Arkships. The Empire was capable of constructing more. It’s the Grand Preservers’ decision to only make three (kind of, more like not construct any more) and kept them inoperative as a last resource.

Citations: The relevant short story; about the end part of the story.

You have stumble upon an unsettled argument of this forum. As of this moment, no one knows exactly how any of this works.

The emperor and I believes that the energy comes from the user. They channel the energy and ignite the blade.

Gradius believe it’s the equipment. They just activate it and the equipment channel whatever energy it configured.

So, it’s not that you misinterpreted the wiki. It’s more like no generally accepted canon exists in the first place.

As a side note, I still don’t know what is the difference between Bane Blade and Warp Blade. (Other than color, of course)

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It is the equipment though if Artanis and Fenix can pick up and use a warp blade despite being khala users their whole lives.

One uses Argus crystals, the other uses Bloodshard. (Not confirmed, just my headcanon)

I think it’s a solid headcanon.

Anyway, it still lead to a new question. What is the difference between the two crystals? I guess my real question is they’re both Void; what is the difference?

Potentially, nothing. Although the description for the Destroyer would seem to indicate that Bloodshard Crystals are much more unstable.

Also, Psi and Warp Blades clearly run on some sort of self contained power source, otherwise Fenix’s wouldnt have been able to run out of juice in Antioch. Which makes sense, because you obviously dont want the blades to shut down if you get distracted or stunned. But theyre also controlled, to a point, by the direct psionic input of their wielders, which is how the protoss can (de)activate them, and why the terrans dont just loot them and stick them on their marines or ghosts.

The true answer is that they needed to give Zeratul a dramatic death, and handle his vambrace to Artanis. Since the death “warp” didn’t leave anything, they had to come with something else.

Translation: writer fiat and laziness

It cant even be that though. Protoss leave bodies when they die, if it was too sudden for the warp out, or their equipment was compromised in some way. Laziness in this case would be clearer.

Artanis asks him how he feels about seeing Raynor again? And Fenix says he doesn’t remember this Raynor, and mentions there are gaps in his memory. (Since Fenix personality was replicated after the fall Antioch I believe, so he remembers nothing from his days as a dragoon.)