Queued units with credit!

I believe that if the units of Terran and Protoss could be asked to credit the game will be more easy and fair. I mean that the units could be queued without having the resources but charge when it will be its turn.

Maybe, what did u understand?

That’s a fine idea, for a new RTS game.

For SC2 that would make terran and protoss even easier compared to the zerg than they already are which means even less people would play zerg and currently if I’m not mistaken only about 20% of players play the zerg race when you would hope for a more even break-down.

Ideally you would have 30% terran 30% zerg 30% protoss and 10% random. But right now its more like 40% terran, 30% protoss, 20% zerg, 10% random.

If you make protoss and terran way easier like you suggested (less macro involved) then it would probably end up being like this

~45% terran, ~35% protoss, ~10-15% zerg, the rest random.

Why are so many people choosing terran? Is it because they’re humans so it’s an easy choice or is it because terran is strong? It’s hard to say for sure anyways that is another topic to discuss elsewhere.

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If you want that type of mechanic, try Grey Goo. In that game, units and structures are paid for “while” they are building. Everything just pauses when you don’t have resources.

I don’t think this mechanic fits in StarCraft.

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For to make Zerg more interesting the creep could decrease ground Terran and Protoss enemy units speed.

We dont know race use percetage, however i also think ( and is just an option) that maybe this game could have this change and other i have proposed and still could be funny.