Pylon power radius drawn incorrectly?

I noticed on Pillars of Gold I would always botch the wall-in vs zerg by placing the pylon 1 hex too close to the ramp, because the power radius is drawn with ~1/2 hex too short a radius. A correctly placed pylon shows the field being visibly too far away to wall the edge of the ramp, but it still works. Confusing.

I don’t remember it being like this , but since I’ve gotten a new computer my graphics settings are much higher. Does anyone know if there’s a setting that draws it properly?

Same problem. Dude i even built robo in power zone and than it built unpowered LOL. Also i am playing on low for lowest input lag and fps. But pylon radius is badly visible, especially over terrain. Even so it is gimmicky, sometimes, it just touches the edge of the building and i have power. Sometimes, it shows, radius reaches to the middle of building and it doesn’t work. Protoss race is retarded, everything is coinflipp on this race…