PvZ question am new

What’s Zerg’s best way to beat Archon Immortals?

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Archons and immortals don’t do very well against hydras and lings, though the lings need a surround more for the extra damage output plus negating some of the splash damage from the archons. Zealots are usually added on as a tanking mineral dump, so banelings are a necessity

There are 3 ways to go about:

  • Low Tier - Ling, Roach, Ravager

    • Surround with Ling, Roach, then Bile them down since they can’t move from their position.
  • Mid Tier - Ling / Roach, Hydra, Lurker

    • If you can somehow hide your Lurkers with hold fire, then wait for them to walk onto them before you fire off, that will be best.
    • Though this is not exactly the best composition.
  • High Tier - Roach / Hydra, Broodlords

    • This will be the most optimal counter because your units will prevent them from walking under the Broodlords while they shell away at the Archons / Immortals.


I think lulkers are good beuse if protoss do death ball they make a lot of damage.
Second option is burrowed banelings. Or even Brood Lords.

I suggest you try lurkers and hydralisk. You have to understand that at lower leagues protoss has so many compositions that require a lot of skill and game knowledge from the zerg players part to beat. Know i dont know your level but i have some ideas for you. Try going for speed overlords around 5 minutes to get scouting on the protoss tech. It is a little investment and the scouting can win the game. Lets say you found archon immortals, the next step is too guess when the enemy is going to attack. Then decide how many drones you are going to produce before starting to make units. Then you stop at the right amount and start mass producing hydralisk and lurker. The reason i suggested lurker and not other units like the others have is because of high templars. I would assume you cant split so well versus storms, and if they have archonst they might as well have some high templars.