PvZ - How to hold mass ling

So there’s this build recently that I just don’t know what to do againts… Zerg will go 3 hatch, stop at 24 drones, then mass ling… Haven’t been able to hold it once…

Replay : https : // sc2replaystats . com / replay / 13753183

Any suggestions?

PS : It’s in moment like this that I miss the old mama core

You lost the scouting adept, you should have started with oracle and the shield battery should be there already then when the mass lings came gg for you…

(You also scouted speed upgrade for lings so you could have built sentry…)

Speed is super standard, and not a single pro opens Oracle first… literally 100% of Pro-Protoss open phoenix firstt???

Yep speed is most likely 99% standard that is why Pro always do oracle opening, (then phoenix, depends on what you scouted) …
Can you tell me how can phoenix help you vs early lings agrresion?

Are we talking about the same Pro?

I mean… literally 100% of pro Protoss, when doing stargate opening, gets phoenix first…

https:// lotv.spawningtool .com/build/77449/

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Replay from 2018… If that zerg did the same early ling aggression that toss is gg like you…

From your replay:
You lost first scouting adept
After second adept you did not produced any other gate units adept/ sentry.
No shield battery
You did phoenix instead of oracle

You can take my advice or not.

Most importan:
At about 2:08 to 2:13, the zerg goes out of gas - that means super greed or super allin.
–> Get units that can harrass or defend vs. lings & drones ASAP when you see that.
–> If you can’t scout it, get aggressive anyway. (warp prism if you opened robo, oracle if you opened stargate and glaives if you opened twilight).


  1. Don’t build a robo if your adept got sniped.
  2. Get the oracle after the phoenix asap.
  3. Get a shield battery blindly if your adept gets sniped asap.
  4. Train how to rewall vs. a ling flood.

Edit: Here’s a list of links - part of it is in German though so search for
“Sprache: Englisch” (= language: English). The list will get longer for sure as it is a document for my eSports club.
–> ctrl + f

–> Post links like me if possible as it saves a few seconds. Thank you!

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Could you search the exact link to one of Vibelol’s or anyone elses video where they rewall vs. ling flood? I’m 110% sure, Vibelol showed it during his BtGM series and you can find it via the list of YT links at the first few comments under each video.
It’s probably in diamond 3 and above.

Oracles, shield batteries, adepts with constant production, and attention to where the next building will need to go as walls are breaking down.

Zest v soo this year. Shows how it’s done. It’s not easy but can be done with or without Stargate.

This just isn’t true. Lots of pro toss go oracle first. Especially if their adept scout sees an all-in.

Just never open phoenix first cause this is really unsafe and only available for pros cause they understanding game situation much better. Use adept-stalker combo and just add shield battery. If you feel Zerg is crazy in his all in just wall off with additional cyber to close the wall. Constant unit production is a key to hold this.