PvT how to defend vs Marine+Tank+Liberator 1-base rush

I am curious how do you defend against Marine+Tank+Liberator 1-base rush in PvT. I lost twice against the same player. The second time I knew what was coming, so I didn’t even scout. I made a bunch of zealots with charge and only one stalker which maybe was a mistake, but stalkers are very prone to marines and tanks, so not sure if that would have helped. The main problem is the liberator which blocked the large ramp. The only way I could see defeating it is if I build a void ray and somehow micro it. But void rays in PvT early game suck, because of the ubiquity of the marines, so not sure if it is a good solution. Another possible solution is maybe blink stalkers, but again, tanks and marines would probably crush them. He attacked at 5:00, so it’s a bit too early for HTs/Archons.

I am ~2900MMR Gold 1 player. Looking for advice from higher tier players.

P. S. Is it possible to share a replay here? Couldn’t find a way to do it.

Yup. Its totally possible. You go to DROP DOT SC and get a link. Then you hack blizzard algorithm by placing tactical spaces in the URL.
With that being said Add me ingame and I’ll coach you to D3 before quarantine ends free of charge. Send battletag and server and I’ll add you.

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IMQAT, thanks, I have added you (on EU). Here is the replay:

h t t p s : / / drive . google . com / open?id=12lDGML9h7kPfCXnSEczTlZlpY1GUBwRV

Your first 5 minutes are garbage - that’s all.

  1. You NEVER want to open up with even a single zealot vs. ANY opponent - always get an adept (fastest cyber core unit to build) or a stalker (fast movement, hits air).

  2. Always go pylon, gate, core and at 20 supply stop building probes for a bit to get a nexus and a 2nd pylon afaik BUT the main thing about your strategy is that your opponent does NOT have a 2nd base and you went for TWO tech paths.
    –> If you didn’t commit to the templar archives but instead got a fast robo for a chrono-boosted immortal with some stalkers and 2 shield batteries, you’d been more than fine.

  3. Scouting: Scout after pylon or at least after gateway - just run a probe to the other side of the map with shift commands (see his natural and count the buildings in the main base as well as gas.
    –> no gas and no production structures = proxy marines so get 2 shield batteries asap in your natural and stalkers and just units. (like 3 gates)
    –> same reaction if you see 1-2 gas and no production building (proxy marauder or proxy reaper). If it’s proxy reapers from 2-3 barracks (more than 1 reaper), get a shield battery for both mineral lines and build stalkers non-stop.
    –> 1-2 gas and a 2nd command center in production: awesome - it’s a macro game!
    –> more than 2 production buildings instead of 1: early pressure
    –> more than 2 production buildings: 1 base allin

  4. vibelol’s guid on youtube (start at bronze if you really want to get good because the basics are what’s important and the mindset):

Edit: Please - for the love of god - post links like I did above. ;-p
And feel free to ask more questions because it will potentially help literarily hundreds of people.


As a Diamond 2 toss, I find this early push very strong, but there are a few tricks. From easiest (and most important) to hardest:

  1. Have more units. Go for a single tech path (I like robo, but others are okay). Have 3+ gates. Build a few stalkers early on. Scout (observer or leave an adept outside T’s base) - when T moves out build pylons and start warping in immediately.

  2. Unit Comp. You can break {tank + lib + marines} with {stalkers + immortals}. Have the immortal focus the tank, and the stalkers focus the lib. You’ll lose a lot, but you can defend pure marine with more warp ins

  3. Positioning. Scout - when T moves out with a ground army try to intercept. Don’t engage, just force the to siege up. This buys time to keep building more units back home. Jump on the T army just before they siege up outside of your base.

  4. Micro. Add in some sentries to forcefield the marines when the step too far forward. Add in a disruptor and hope to get in a shot against the marines. Send your army around back to snipe the tank.

There are many great pvt builds that can prevent this and other terran early pressure. I like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yihnviIhT9g

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Vibelol faces this build in his bronze to GM for protoss 2019 I think at least twice.
One way is to simply have shield batteries at your natural and a few units (immortal, some stalkers) and don’t engage the terran. Let him engage you and as long as he’s not firing on the nexus you can just sit there. Build a stargate and drop a fleet beacon. 2 tempests will end the rush.

The other way he beat it which was much cleaner I thought was scouting it and going 2 disruptors. Each disruptor can pick off tanks if you use the shots concurrently and they also actually outrange tanks if you account for the splash damage radius. Once the tanks are dead there is really nothing to the rush as the marines are without upgrades and the liberator can be danced around.

These should give you general concepts on how to end the rush.

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This thread has been a month old, so hopefully you found your answer. If you haven’t, Harstem actually talked about a very similar build (it is 2 base, but I think it is stronger than 1 basing) and what to do not just in terms of unit comp, but how to use said units.

Thanks for pointing out those sections in the VDOs. I was looking for answers to pvt bad losses and the 2 you picked really make a point.

Ah yes my favorite opening 4 min charge vs air units…

Go blink and get a robobay and get a disruptor fam.