PvP what's good against early zelot?

I’m Plat1. A guy 2based mass zeloted me with a few stalkers mixed in. He got to charglot and blink early, and +1 weapons.

I made stalker, century, immortal, and zelots. He was able to obliterate me.

What am I supposed to make?

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You either need some archons or more zealots, also if you scouted it make a shield battery with the overcharge and more zealot. Keep in mind I’m only 3550 MMR so I could be wrong, but that is what I would do.

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Ok thanks. Yeah that’s what I was thinking too. I did have 2 batteries with Overcharge, but it didn’t help. I usually don’t make Archons until I have 3 bases. I suppose I should alter tho if he’s allining.

Typically in PVP the usual GG-army is Chargelot/Archon/Immortal.

The common styles are:
*Blinkstalker aggression
*Stargate opening
*Zealot/Immo/Archon Macro
… Aside from the obvious proxy allins.

Blinkstalkers are great early on while massed, but you require very strong micro to make good use of them and need to stay aggressive while army sizes are small. Can recommend if you have good micro and multitasking. Doesn’t scale well. Sniping immortals is key.

Stargate opening typically relies on getting a lot of damage off of the first 1-2 Oracles to gain an eco lead. Can follow this up with an all-in or transition into the regular macro style with an eco lead.
Sometimes players make some Phoenix, but then they usually need to take a fight before Archons come into play. Phoenix can be used to disable key units (such as Immortals).

*Zealot/Immo/Archon macro - defend well and macro up to the GG A-move army. When you reach a critical mass of this army almost nothing can stop it.

Disruptors can also be used but they are quite gimmicky. If you’re good at macro and defending early all-in I suggest Zealot/Immo/Archon.

Bring a Prism for your attacks for reinforcements.

Short answer: Archons wreck zealots. Before Archons, you’ll need to rely on Batteries to help you out. Don’t overmake Immortals if he’s just massing zealots.

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I think that was my problem. I made too many imortals and they got owned.

Zealots and archons. That’s the stupid thing about this matchup. These two units are pretty much the core army. It always comes down to who has more zealots and archons.

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Weird, I’ve found most of my losses in PvP macro are either;
-my IAC lacks enough immortals, too many ZA
-they went carriers and I managed to not scout it for too long

The Immortals are the damage output as far as I can tell. Archons tank, hit air and AoE. Zealots are mineral based hitpoints mostly. Immortals kill stuff that isn’t right next to the archons.

I alwys go as many archons as possible if enemy goes mass zealots, tough possibly Colosus also could work.

Archons and your own Zealots to tank hits for those Archons

So I am supposed to get archons that early in the game? Thought you weren’t supposed to start them until after you took a 3rd.

depends on the context. If your opponent has both Charge and Blink you should have Archon. That’s a lot of money he threw into teching.

you also don’t need to spam Archons, even at equal supplies, 2 archons and 4 zealots would obliterate 8 zealots.

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