PVP how to play? Any good resources?

I am Diamond 3 player. My win rate in PVP is abysmal. In fact, honestly I think if I didn’t play PVP, I’d be easily D2 or D1. It’s just so much easier to craft specific responses to zerg and terran threats than protoss threats.

Are there any good online resources (youtube channels? streams?) you guys are aware of on how to get better in the PVP matchup? I basically can consistently get to full saturation on 2 bases but have a very hard time with unit composition and harassment strategies because the current PVP meta/play style is all over the place.


Have you tried any of the big Protoss streamers like Harstem or Rotterdam?
Just do the most common build other protoss players use…
I don’t understand people who are bad at mirror matchups.

Opening could 4 stalkers into robo for immortal then observer and nexus after 4 stalkers (I think you can cut workers at 20 but not 100% sure).
You can also download replays from master players or try to get replaypacks from your favorite streamer. (Rotterdam and Mcanning are probably a bit special)

Also think about Mana - dunno if he streams or has replay packs.




IMO PvP is matchup that has very clearly defined build orders.
As D2 i have pvp as my best winrate matchup.

Important in pvp:

  • 2 gateways opening blocking entry to main base ( to block it completely with shield battery against 2 adepts harras)
  • scout with adepts/hallucination
  • rock/papers/scissors with twighlight/stargate/robo
  • archons have no counter
  • mass phoenixes have no counter in general (D1 micro is enough to utilize them with constant harras), then after constant harras you overmacro enemy that cant attack (if he attacks you recall phoenixes and graviton micro with some gateway units).
  • if enemy goes for phoenixes you have to either go for the same or archons with pressure attack at some point
  • most players go for archons/immortals/chargelots if enemy didnt go for 2/3 stargates with phoenixes

Harassment strategies… I can’t help you with.
as for unit composition, I like to do immortal, stalker, voidray, zealot, and maybe colossus if you are going against zerg or bio terran.

Here are a few replays (macro pvp; around 5k mmr) from our last clan war:


Thank you all very much. Very useful resources

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You’re welcome.
Remember that you can always do what most protoss players do.
That’s why I don’t understand people who are bad in mirror matchups.

If your mechanics are good and your micro, you only need to watch your replays and copy the moves and strategies you like most (only the ones you lost to of course).

If you don’t watch your replays in d3, you’re doing it completely wrong as you don’t really undestand the game probably.
If you write down a few pages of things like timings, reactions, plans, goals and so on, you’ll understand what I mean.

If you need more specific help, just post a few replays.

Good luck!