Put the observer on the nexus!

Please put the OBSERVER on the NEXUS and have it require ROBO FAC. Also please lower its price to 50 gas.

The first half of this idea originated on Lowko YT channel and it makes all kinds of sense…

Do it please!


that would look weird, why simply not have more detection option? both terran have detection options regardless of the tech tree they chose to open with so why cant toss have it too?

make high templars/dark templars detectors, while we are at it make the oracle a detector too, problem solved.

Oracle already has powerful revelation ability that costs only 25 energy and has large radius. Therefore without stationary defence Protoss has 2 detection options, similarly to Zerg.

Since most common Twilight Council strategies usually make use of Warp Prism, it ensures that no matter what technological path Protoss follows (Robo, Stargate, Twilight), there is usually detection available when necessary.

Observer on top of Nexus could be useful in case of DT, Roach and Widow Mines attacks. But paying for such detection would be a risky decision and would not pay off in early game - it would slow down your progress. It would be more optimal to scout if your opponent uses such strategies and then react using normal detection.

I believe the change would mainly affect leagues below diamond and in this terms it could be useful.

One could consider making Storm reveal cloaked units. The feature in my view would mainly influence PvZ. I am unsure how it would change Protoss’ interaction with lurker plays, but the idea sounds interesting to me.

Well why do you think that TC strategies make use of a robo? maybe because going pure twilight is suicide, the high templar is only an excuse for storm and the dark templar is made out of paper.

Moving the OBS to the nexus would make DT’s even more garbage than they currently are.

While i agree that toss needs something else in terms of vision to bring them on par to other races i think we should buff the templar tech tree and the air tech tree instead of moving units around, oracle only works vs cloacked units if the other player doesnt split units, 1 missed revelation and your dead.

From my perspective, when I finally finish my robo I have to make a choice between an immortal or a warp prism. In each scenario I need the observer. It would make sense to put it on the nexus and have it require robo, so I can build the observer and an immortal simultaneously in case of an early attack.

As Dallarian has said, protoss has oracles and observers. With some micro, that literally will be all you need. I mean, a new detection option wouldn’t hurt but I’m gonna say that you just have to micro and use them correctly!

Observer garbage after speed nerf so it free 75 gas lose