Purity of Purpose

I’m trying to get this achievement for like 1 week, I tried EVERY strategy posted by others, I kept saving and saving and going back to what I saved and do things slightly different… nothing works. The best I got was 98,8% with the spectre wall strategy.
So yeah, maybe I suck at StarCraft… so could anyone help me with a saved file for this achievement? It’s the last one I need for 100% achievements and yes, is very frustrating.

I ditched ally bases and made 2 walls , the one on left is less attacked until like 80 % of the game when they start pushing like cracy. The second wall i build was a wall of 6-8 planet CC with 20 tanks + vikings next to kerrigan , vikings are very good for sniping GG lords and BC. But yeah this achievement is frustrating , because you need to be very fast and it takes a while , i know it took me like 2 hours with 6 or 7 reloads.

I saw a videos where guy defended Zagara base with a large number of tanks but they break through in middle of the mission and Artanis is useless as always. Plus you will find several videos on youtube that are outdated , cause blizzard buffed the enemy waves quite a lot.

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I tried with bunkers and tanks a lot, a lot of times but I couldn’t even save Artanis base after the middle mark. Then I went full air, using a combination of Banshee and Vikings, and the enmy didn’t even destroy Artanis. There is a good video on Youtube that shows these strategy (cannot link it now)

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Blizzard hasn’t done any major campaign changes in a long time. My no-celestial-beam video is still relatively recent and shows how banshee-viking absolutely demolishes the difficulty of the mission and achievement.

Also, CrazyCat seems to have gotten the mission mixed up with the WoL final mission.


I may have followed your video, it was a game changing strategy.

Yay i finally did it! Mass spectres all the way (with max weapon upgrade)… I really don’t understand why the AI doesn’t have detection AT ALL lol. Just kept pumping out spectres, helping Artanis and Zagara some… then retreat and make spectre wall with even more spectres behind (+some PFs). Then at like 90% they eventually break through so I used 3 nukes… BANG no more red dots lol. Damn I’m so happy right now :))

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When in doubt, ask LilArrin.