Publising/testing a map is tedious. Is there a better way of doing this?

It seems like every time I log in to either the editor or the game, I get logged out of the other. Is it possible to stay logged into the editor and game at the same time? It’s getting kind of tedious to log in to the editor, publish, log in to the game, test, log in to the editor, publish…

Also, do I really have to publish my map every time I want to test a change? Is there a less tedious way to do this? I am trying to test a Melee/Training map with AI opponents. The “Test Document” button doesn’t seem to do anything other than minimize the editor.

Update: It seems like “Test Document” only works if the game isn’t already running. Is it supposed to be that way? Well, I guess it’s still an improvement over repeatedly logging in.

So I can get that to load my map into the game now, but it doesn’t let me choose my race or populate any of the AI players. Does anyone know how to do that?