Protoss vs Protoss void ray rush counter?

I am a gold 3 Protoss and I have been getting destroyed by the void ray rush that was introduced a while ago. Before going to complain to Harstem, I decided to come here to ask for a counter as my beginning stalkers aren’t enough against my opponent’s void rays and adding up the build’s capabilities with the shield batteries, I believe it is impossible to defeat this strategy. But then again I am a stupid gold player who can’t micro for crap so I probably just suck.

I actually did, but he didn’t find my flame funny enough to make a video about it.

PS. I am Diamond, almost lost to void rush 20APM guy, only because he was clueless when someone doesn’t gg after losing base.

20APM! Damn, it really does take minimal skill.

Scout for it.

If your opponent dosent have a second gate place a pylon at the natrual and scout around with your scouting probe for the proxy.

If you dont see a nexus by 2min, go stargate yourself and start producing voids.

Well placed shield batteries is very important.
Well placed pylons is very important.

Target fire 1 void at a time.

Dont let the number get to high.

The best units agianst it is voids/stalk or stalk/phe