Protoss vs. Elite

Hi, I am trying to learn how to beat an elite computer on a skirmish map against
all the teams but specifically me as Protoss vs. Terran I’ve been trying over and over and I just can’t seem to figure it out does someone know of a step by step guide or something like that, that could help me out by any chance please, ok thanks in advance.

I was playing not a lot, but frequently vs AI and growing my skill (mainly macro).
However, at some point I learnt a beauty of Disruptor and it is the only unit that allowed me to beat Elite AI, and as Zerg or Terran I’d certainly lose.
I’d suggest you using disruptor, after a short practice you should be able not to blow up your own army, and use it to kill first enemy attack and either continue going economic or counterattack.

Also feel free to share your replay, you can post it on [website which automaticly analysis replays and makes it easy for sharing] and give us the numbers of the replay.

Hi, I made a video just for this post.

Just take a probe, go to the front of the bots natural (not too close) and build a proxy pylon, 3 gateway, then another probe, then another gateway, THEN a final pylon.

After that, rally the zealots to the opponent AI nat. Here is a youtube video.


Hi I tried what you said but in the beginning part of the game I just cant push disruptors out fast enough but then I turned it down to Harder and was able to beat a zerg comp the replay is on #### Rubberrbbutt VS A.I. 1 (Harder) 31 Aug, 2021 2:09 Am but I don’t know how a person will find the replay there because on that site I did not see any search bar but anyway I copy pasted the name for you after I uploaded it, it is ( Rubberrbbutt VS A.I. 1 (Harder) 31 Aug, 2021 2:09 Am), ok thx again.

That is a correct way of presenting links (preformatted text, or ctrl e), saying just date may be not enough, in case I checked too late ^^

I’ll have a look and edit post with anything I notice. Well, I already notice the match is too long.

  1. Play normal melee maps, not some weird community maps - normal melee maps usually have better defence locations and it is easier to build expansion close to you. And infinite minerals give bad habits.
  2. Be goal focused. Climb the tech tree with certain idea. After you finished gateway, immediately start building Cybernetics Core. If you go for carriers, do not build robotics facility at all. If you go for discruptors, do not build stargate at all. Building 3 Gateways in early game and not building Cybernetics Core is a huge thing that slows you down.
  3. Zealots are “awful” without charge, so don’t build any in early game. Focus on stalkers and mining gas.
  4. A shield battery may help defending. Counterattack immediately after successful defence.
  5. Finish game within 15 minutes, or AI will beat you with it’s multitasking. (scout and expansion production)
  6. Do not use Warp Prism, waste of attention in your case. You’re probably not experienced enough to make use of the unit. It’d be nice to start using it once and learning how to make it useful at some point, but as far as I am aware, that is not your current goal.

You basicly were crushed by harder AI, so I’d suggest practicing vs it first, before moving to elite. The victory was allowed only because thanks to infinite minerals, your opponent have filled their supply limit with over 150 workers.

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An example of a match.

Note: I am a more experienced player and know what to focus on, and pay attention to structures that just finished production, what allows me to be faster. It comes with practice. You should be able to catch up by using shortcuts and control groups.

As you can see on the replay I go straight to robotics facility and start producing a few disruptors and colossus (with lance upgrade), mass stalkers and go straight at enemy. Unfortunately enemy Terran turned out to be mass tanks (which counters my composition), so I lost pretty hard. However, I continued stalkers production and started massing immortals what allowed me to push again and win.

Key points:

  • Focus on units production, I made only two upgrades (Warp Gate and Colossus Lance) and focused rest of resources into army.
  • Do not build structures you’re not going to use. In this case Twilight Council, Dark Shrine, Templar Archives, Stargate, Fleet Beacon. In your case Robotics Facility, Twilight Council, Dark Shrine, Templar Archives.
  • Ensure continuos production of units. It can be easily done by adding Robo / Stargate to a control group (for example ctrl 2) and making it produce units without looking at them. If you have more than 1k of a resource, you are doing something wrong.
  • Speed up. Your keyboard is here to help you. Learn most important shortcuts (B for build, E for pylon, G for gate, S for Stalker), use shift (for creating multiple stalkers / pylons / gates), use control groups (for continuos units production, army control).

In the example I use mouse, ctrl and 1 (for army control group) and after my army being destroyed for first time, I started using shift for stalkers production.

Notes for improvements:

  • If I researched Blink technology, had 1 ground weapon upgrade and used some more micro, I should be able to win the first battle with the army I had.
  • I didn’t build observers which are necessary vs mecha Terran (to kill mines), however, I did focus fire them. I should certainly add them to the composition, though.
  • Upgrades are great and all, but if you can’t make best out of them, they’re a waste of resources, hence I do not recommand you to do them for now, just focus on being aggressive.

Hi thanks for the reply, I know about doing it this way in the video, though
I never actually watched the video but I know what it is but I
don’t always want to rush in the beginning of the game I wanted to learn
how to actually outplay them in a longer game, thanks again.

And for Dallarian Hi thanks for all the info I’ll have a look at it and practice
a bit more, thanks. It might take me a while though because I am addicted
to Diablo III and only practice Starcraft inbetween lol, thanks again.