Protoss units reduce damage more than an Ultralisk

Did you know EVERY PROTOSS unit can reduce the damage of an attack more than an ultralisk?

If you have a Protoss unit with +3 shields and +3 armour. The attack that breaks the shields of a Protoss unit will have it’s damaged reduced by both the armour and Shield values for most Protoss units that will be 7 damage reduction on that attack. With guardian shield that makes a 9 DAMAGE REDUCTION for that attack and if they have no base armour still 8 damage reduction.

Now knowing that a few other fun facts. Anti-armour missile increases damage by 6 instead of 3 while breaking shields because both shields and armour values get changed instead of just taking a flat increase in damage while Guardian shield does not reduce damage by 4 but only 2 on the attack because guardian shield is passive -2 damage from projectiles while not affecting armour values at all.

As long as there is at least 1 armour and 1 shield point this interaction will happen. While in game the chances of this dictating results is low, rare circumstances it might result in a unit surviving one additional shot during an engagement it is most noticeable with interactions with shield batteries/shield battery overcharge since this will take affect as long as shields are not depleted meaning a single protoss unit with a shield battery can be harder to kill than an Ultralisk.

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Affecting a single attack is not really an issue.

An interesting note:
There was a previous iteration of AAM that did not have a this double-effect on the shot that broke the shields. That is because that earlier version worked by adding a combat damage response that directly increased the incoming damage from melee and ranged attacks (but not from splash attacks). This was reworked to its current form so that it would work on splash units like Liberators.

The old version of AAM created the “appearance” of reducing armor by applying two distinct behaviors. One behavior would reduce armor and shields by 3, along with the combat damage response mentioned previously. The other behavior increased life/shields armor by 3 to cancel out the armor adjustments, but it was hidden to leave the appearance that life/shields were reduced when they really weren’t.


That is literally incorrect. Go do a unit tester. its 3 red shield, 4 red life for most units, 5 red capital ships life. Please uninstall

I get it. So you don’t like his thread. I’m sure you both want protoss buffed as well. LOLOLOLOL Good luck because neither one of you will get what you want. Protoss has already killed the game. So maybe YOU are the one who should uninstall.

So what secret does make the ultralisk strongest unit in the universe? Probably we will never know… Unless all the forum will listen to Duke one day!

Guardian shield does not impact melee attacks.

I think the correct reference to make in this situation is “Read B**** READ”

Ultralisk is one of the worst units in the game, everyone knows this.