Protoss turtle much?

Is just me or every game with protoss its the same recently?. They turtle on their base, imposible to break, and then mass air with a hit and run tactic running to their batteries (so it doesn’t matter if they make mistakes), until you just can’t stop their mass air? I mean there might be a way to beat them with zerg, but it feels like the requirement for that is playing 24/7 for at least 20 years. I mean, what? you can only play zerg if you are an olimpic player?

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It feels a lot like that, but there are windows where the toss can be vulnerable to harass.
When you mass corruptors to deal with their air later game, make a few ultralisks to clean up the ground units ( high Templar, archons etc. ) under the air army.

PvZ lategame is the protosses fun, i have often said. But one thing you can do is figure out where his army is and send a chunk of your army somewhere else. Then build a lot of spore crawler, and position half ur army there. He wont dare to attack into it, and he will go home. You repeat this as soon as you have another squad of units to suicide into his undefended base. The protoss will be runing in circles from bottom to top with his 20 carrier army. And if he is low on money make sure to defend your mining bases with mass spore crawler and ur army in position. Remember your army is on creep it can run faster than the protosses carriers. But if you want to avoid that i recommend queen-walk strategy, baneling busting the protoss, mass mutalisk or something funny. You could take your chances with that if you absolutley want to avoid the 20 carrier lategame.

I’m seeing 85% of toss games I play in D1 are skytoss with sim city cannons creep towards skytoss. no problem against it, it’s just every game is drawn out. I think it’s carried over from every pro match doing it. The game needs a refresher on both sides but likely not going to happen until Sc3 coming out Summer 2062. ZvT is more dynamic.