Protoss so OP nerf arcron momship

Blizard why do you make protso so Over powerful. I can’t even play a game without losing to mothership and archons. Archons are the dumest unit created in game and should be removed. And with mothershp they make my units and archons disapeaer and then kill all my juunits. Archon + mothership core makes me not want to play, I uninstalled game and won’t play anymore until blizzrad fixes the game. Protss has been the best race since 2011 and the motherip and arcron has been the best unit since 2010. Mothership + Archon toilet is the most broken mechanic you make please fix blizard

Never understood how players could be so dumb to let a large part of their single army get sucked up into the black hole. It’s not like you can’t see the mothership coming and you of course all clump your units together and enter the black hole, how dumb could one be.

Troll? The Archon toilet hasn’t been a thing for years.

I aGree PRtroseo is very Over tuned and is not very fair and balaNced