Protoss robo needs units that can attack air

The Colossus seems like a good candidate for a unit that can attack ground and air. I know protoss has a lot of units that can already attack air and ground, but by can’t we have at least one robo unit that does this? Terran has a lot of factory units that can shoot air.

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My dude this is a terrible idea. Think about a 9 range Colossus helping Zone out Vikings. They’d absolutely massacre Mutalisks, would likely never see them again in the match up.

if your idea of colossus change would be real, then the colossus should have a active ability, autocast on attacked by air, to deploy aggro-taking rockets or a cloud to have something against air. not shooting lasers on air

Yup, robo not having a single unit that shoots up is a real problem which is one of the reasons why I keep saying that Immortals should be costing 200/100 to churn out more than just on during a fight, shoot up to deal with Libs and Broodlords, move fast as a stalker for better survivability and have a range of 8 to kill tanks while not being completely exposed to marine marauders and zerg.

Your suggestions are insane. There is no way that Immortals would be balanced with those stats.

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Well they could give them a different attack for the air. Also collossi are more expensive then mutalisks.

Yeah, exactly. I mean there are other ways of making immortals suck while still making them more versatile for money you would spend making one.

LOL Is this forum overwhelmed by little kids ?

Robo shooting air ? Like what ? Colossus would obliterate any light units like phoenix or muta (unless it would have some different attack type). Disruptors shooting air ? You mean - one nova and clump of vikings disappear in a cloud of dust ? Immortal with 50 dmg would decimate carriers and BCs.

The reason why Robo cannot shoot up is to balance protoss openers:
Stargate opener counters all air harassment - drops, banshees, libs, mutas etc
Twilight has strong anti air option in the form of blink stalker, archon, HT
Robo gives powerful AOE units and safety from mid-game pressure but makes protoss vulnerable to air harassment (as it should). If Robo had units attacking air, it would quickly become the only opener in the game, easily dominating ladder and pro-scene

big NOOO !

You get splash robo after building a robobay. Only 1 of the 3 units available after building a robo has offensive capabilities two of them don’t even attack whereas, you can get by with the 1st 3 units available immediately after building a stargate. 1st 2 stargate units can engage air to air and all 3 can engage ground. Stalkers need blink to properly counter air. HT requires a templar archives and then storm to counter air with storms in a mediocre fashion. Archons require a build time, cost as much or even more than immortals and still only attack air within 3 range. At this point, its just folly to ever choose robo over stargate when it comes to teching up. I would prefer if atleast immortals could shoot up because libs no longer require a techlab to be built. And decimating carriers and battlecruisers sound like an added bonus in PvP and PvT since those things need more counters.

Maybe there could be something to enable air from robotics like an upgrade but not a splash high range unit like colossus, more like a single target immortal upgrade. Or an ability of colossus but close range with large cooldown and not one that few colossus vape a whole army with spash. Or disruptor but not like the ground attack

Yeah, then maybe. I guess the issue is that I think the Colossus is well designed as is. Numerical tweaks are the only thing I think it needs.

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Terran has a lot of factory units that can attack air if I recall right?

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Yep, 3 of the 5 Terran factory units can shoot air; however, some of those units don’t work particularly well together.

Cyclones (at least on the current patch and previous patches) work best as a detached mobile force, rather than an addition to a larger mech army with Tanks or Thors. Cyclones basically have to keep moving to be effective, whereas Tanks & Thors work best in standing fights.

Thors also used to suck at anti-air until Blizzard started tweaking that second air attack in LOTV. It may be the case that Widow Mines wouldn’t have anti-air if the Thor’s had their current air attack near the start of HOTS, but that is just speculation.

Widow Mines kind of depend on the opponent to mistakenly fly over them. They aren’t particularly great as anti-air units otherwise.

This is why Immortals definitely needs to shoot up, cost 200/100 , move as fast as stalkers and or, have 8 range. Its the only robo unit that makes sense to shoot up. They even move their arms up.

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Personally, I’d rather Adepts shoot up after a TC unpgrade. Reason why?

They’re fairly low range, they have a different damage bonus than Stalkers, they can teleport under air if they dedicate which creates micro opportunities for both players and because they’d help stop really awful sacky crap like Phenix warz in PvP and MUTA REMAX LUL “strategies” if a zerg takes an even trade even once to reset the army count.

I would like that you could upgrade the Immortal at the Core so It can shoot air e.g. damage 10 vs air.

Zerg Tier 3 needs units that can attack air.

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Sure , no problem but they have to remove microbial shroud from the game and introduce two new tags like piloted and A.I so that not all protoss units are affected by neural parasite or bring back mind control for HTs for the same duration as neural parasite. Only piloted and bio units not A.I units should be controlled by neural parasite. And they have to correct abduct ability to not pull in massive units or class vipers as massive as well.

Zerg spellcasters has too many spells in general imo. Abduct and blinding cloud overlap in uses. Fungal and microbial shroud are too good against air units when combined with queens.

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