Protoss OP meme did too much dmg

Fair warning; Balance whine post!! If you dont like these or are biased towards Zerg or Terran you might want to skip :wink:

I haven’t made a balance complaint in a long time however looking at protoss player at the pro level struggling to beat players that would normally be considered several levels bellow them is just getting sad at this point.
I did some checking and I’m fairly sure there isn’t a single protoss unit that hasnt been nerfed in a last couple of years. We are now at a point were protoss cant even enter late-game because it just means a instant loss VS terran or zerg simply because our units unlike theirs do NOT scale in the late-game anymore after all the nerfs.

And PvP… oh boy… what a absolutely trash match-up has that become, Adepts, proxies if you make it through all that you get rewarded with the most horrible to play unit comp in starcraft history; disruptor stalker, fun to watch… absolutely horrible to play.

To the current balance team; try to actually properly balance the game and that might involve learning to ignore the hatred that has build up towards protoss over the year. Balance wise this attitude quit making sense when HotS ended and LotV started and it’s clouding your judgement too much at this point.


Finally, somebody had such idea as put mark Balance Whine.

I believe dark templar has received a blink timing buff, and people were freaking out about that. Clearly, it is widely used in the pro meta today (sarcasm). Archons have also stayed the same I think? Phoenixes too? But it’s true that just about every other unit has been nerfed.

When people say going into late game as Protoss is an instant loss, they need to understand it’s the end game that makes it impossible because Protoss sky units are trash (except for phoenix in its role). With skytoss, you can’t compete against mass battlecruisers. Battlecruisers will base trade you - if you try to defend your base, they will either fly away or kill your units. If you base trade, they will destroy all your buildings, teleport home, defend with scv repairs, and win. I’m not even going to go into ZvP late game.

I believe disruptor balls used to kill things on contact with other units. This was perceived as broken against Zerg and Terran, and correct me if I’m wrong, but it was because they were incapable of throwing out a few units to sacrifice when the ball headed their way. Now we are stuck with a ball that either does devastating damage (extremely broken) or does 0 damage, because it’s much easier for TERRAN to split units - because surprise surprise, bio outruns disruptor shots.

This change also broke PvP - because the front line archons and immortals used to be able to absorb the disruptor balls, but now you have them hitting smack dab in the middle of your expensive army. 2-3 shots can literally cause game ending damage, and there’s nothing you can do about it! Protoss units are slow, so you can’t split your units fast enough to not take damage, and all the time you spend splitting is damage you aren’t throwing back at your opponent! They also do ADDITIONAL SHIELD DAMAGE - if anyone cares to remember that.

I’ve said this a few times and I’ll say it again - we need to remove swarm hosts, disruptors, and widow mines. Whoever approved these units into the game killed it. They aren’t fun, they aren’t fair, and they sure as hell aren’t balanced.


:joy: Poor terran cant split so bunch army get wreck by 1 shot


Yeah, there is definitely something wrong with SC2 and must be fixed.
I really liked the other post about removing banelings entirely to fix balance.

They might actually remove Archons first. That way players will stop wasting baneling shots on archons. If you survived my comments so far, just fair warning this are just jokes and not to be taken seriously.

Something a little more serious now.
As far as PVP goes, archons and immortals are slow moving units the last time I checked. And if anyone is going to get hit by a disruptor shot, its the guy who microed his army ball into it without looking.
Now on a GM level there are clear distinctions between being aware of disruptors before engaging because GMs don’t typically A-move their army. They are a bit more cautious. They are like those players in FPS games that strafe a lot to avoid getting head shot.
If they are using any kind of slow army, thats the risk you take with taking on disruptors. The old meta when the game came out was the protoss death ball. which has more or less stayed.
If you personally have trouble with PvP there are guides from GM streamers and youtubers that actually have work arounds for this. Some of them you might know if you watch casters play or cast pro games from SC2.

When it comes to swarm hosts and widow mines there are ways to deal with these in game as well. Players, unfortunately for you, really enjoy these units and are happy to continue using them.
Sadly I can’t agree with you on your points made in your post about removing units from the game. I truly hope your ladder games go better though.

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