Protoss Mothership Flags On Other Units?

Also Is There A Command To Make Only 1 Unit Buildable Like The Protoss Mothership?

Tell Me How If You Know!

Thank You!

You need to add a requirement in the train ability (check how is done the Protoss Mothership)

Do you know how to do this exactly? i tried but it requires the fleet beacon.

But more precisely do you know how to make a looping trigger that respawns a specific unit at a region or point on the map. if u do can u screenshot the trigger in the editor please and post it here.
Nova Hero,
Wings of Liberty.
Respawn at a Point,
After 60 seconds.

Someone tell me how to do that please!

You need a deeper training. As I’m not telling you much right now, you will get a solid answer on our discord:

The thing is, what Acaraco told you is the exact answer, but I do totally understand that you need to explore the different data tabs to understand what he meant. Join our discord, a lot of people there to help you.