Protoss. Easymode on lower levels?

Im a platinum player. Or was. I have choosen to not play anymore since I find it so frustrating that time and time again Skytoss players cower behind batteries and then make the grand move. Press A and move carriers across the screen.

While the Toss A-moves, a Zergs only shot at even damaging that deathball is flawless micro with abducts etc.

Is it really ok that one race should be so mindlessly easy to play?
Shouldn’t Zerg have a lategame into Toss? Or do we need to 12-pool and cross our fingers that they can’t handle it?

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ZvP has plenty of solutions early game - Bling/Ling flood, Queen walk with lings or roach/ravager - or standard 3/4base saturation massing queen/lings until you can produce brood/ultra/viper.

Ladder has noticed an increase in Protoss play which is conducive to their ease of use. It dosn’t make Zerg worse, just requires more of a commitment.

That answers my question. Zerg has no lategame vs Protoss unless you have 400+ apm.
And the Protoss can just press a, click and go AFK.
That’s not balance.


Specifically late game ZvP is fine - it is the ease at which the Protoss slides into the mid/late game that the objections and popularity arise.


PvZ for platinum level i defenitly recommend not allowing him to get air, i would rather take my chance with hydralisk and the infestor healing. I see so many zergs just dont even try anything to stop protoss from doing their mas carrier, storm playstyle. You could try a queen-walk if you feel confident with that, you could do like roacher attack and just bust his natural because his army is defending the 3rd, you kill all his workers. Provoking him to make a move is also a funny thing to do. Make 2 lurkers shooting at his base, he feels pressures so he takes them out with his long range carriers of coures, then BAAM you bust his natural, when he walks with his slow army to the natural you use your other forces to attack the third you are basially f2ing the protoss sort of. But the best mental advice is to not be so scared of the protoss army, just go for it! Think smart would you take your chances versus 6 carriers or play against 16 carriers and storm? Protosses will always draw out the game super long because they want to mess you up with 16 carriers, have that in mind.

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Viper? Ultralisk? If you have lots of corruptors/hydras and some vipers, you can abduct key enemy units to make fights better/more-efficient, and fungal to help trap them. The protoss is easiest race as they require little micro/macro.

I am currently lower plat/ was low level dia, but I found anytime a toss goes pure sky just mass hydras and make sure you have solid injects with a good econ. If you throw a pure hydra 200/200 army at them while focusing the carriers and not the interceptors you will whittle it down and lose your army. But at that point should have the econ to re supply the 200/200 hydras. The protoss will not be able to re supply enough. then send ling runs into whatever basses are vulnerable. The key is to single target carriers and and any tempests (if they are silly enough to get tempests) and slowly burn them. sky toss is very beatable in a 1v1 vs zerg you have to use its mechanics which is why at lower levels is a perceived impossible task