Proposed Balance Changes

You do realise that Zerg quite literally has the most premier tournament victories (and runner up places) of all the races, and not only that but also has the most unique victors in addition to the most unique runner ups?

It is literally only in the last year or so that Zerg players haven’t won as much as they have in the past - past years have had Zergs (in recent history) win as many premier tournaments as the other two races combined.

Your statement is false at best for that reason and many more besides.


Nothing you said has any bearing on what is hard or easy. Completely failed post.

  • Having more or less victiories has nothing to do with a race being easy.

-Again wins or loses have nothing to do with a race being easy or hard.

here is an example of something easy to do but very hard to deal with.

Widow Mines.

You burrow them and since they are dirt cheap at the low cost of 75/25 it means they basically always trade well. The supply cost is not a problem. They can also be reactored. They hit both air units and ground units.

They 1 shot units like mutas that cost 100/100 and 3 of them who target a clump of mutas will 1 shot the entire clump of mutas.

For reference a baneling cost 50/25 … a zergling cost 25 a roach cost 75/25…

A widow mines as you know deals massive splash damage and often kills clumps of lings and banelings all without terran having to play good.

In fact terran have become worse players because the game is literally so much easier for them now since the introduction of WM.

A terran only need to stim and run to widow mines and wait for them to do all the work.

This is ridiculously EZ and for zerg its ridiculously hard to deal with.

Singling out 1 ling etc does not mean you are going to make the widow mine go off that is a fallacy.

A good terran will simply use his bio that is standing right there to kill your 1 ling or 2 lings or 3 lings… before the widow mine even fires… so you really need to waste a lot more just to set the thing off. Its just a borderline BROKEN UNIT that has completely taken map control from zerg and given it to terran.

The fact is before widow mines the game was getting out of hand as terran LEARNED to play better.

Before Widow Mines terrans could already perform the never ending bio push strategy where the terran is essentially swarming zerg… with bio.

The introduction of the Widow Mines has broken the game so obviously because it digs into to many parts of the game…

  1. air units
  2. swarm of lings and banes…
  3. even deals good damage to Ultralisks… (because direct damage is high plus splash is still 40).
  4. Its invisible…
  5. It requires no effort from terran to be effective.
    (its a SET IT AND FOR GET IT mentality)
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Right. So Zerg gets to: Practice less than Terran, win more in the ladder, win more in tournaments, but you’re hard stuck in 3500 because Zerg is most difficult race (evidence: trust me, bro)? Sounds legit.

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The funny thing is with 5.0.12 they want to make Burst Aoe unattractive.
P-Disruptor changes.
Z-Bane nerf.
T- WM … nothing -??- thanks, for Bane you need +2 for probe one shot WM have default one shot vs ling/ worker from start to late game no matter if upgrade difference… thereby you could just reduce aoe dmg or radius.