Programmatically generate SC2 maps

Hi everyone, I am doing a research project and I am trying to train a computer program to play specific star craft 2 scenarios.
Is there any way of generating a simple map from a computer program?
Example: If I require to generate a 64x64 map with two specific armies for player one and player two (e.g. 2 marines vs 2 zealots), would it be possible to do so without manually create such map from the editor ?

If not possible, is there anyone from Blizzard I can contact to create such framework that allows to programmatically generate sc2 maps ?

Thanks to everyone finding the time to answer this.

I’m assuming you could use the same terrain every time and just change the units on it like your example. Let me know if that’s wrong. In that case, you could start a normal vs. match on the map, but use the debug interface to spawn in whatever units you’d like as soon as the map starts. Hope it helps.

Hi thank you for your answer!
I will try to just have a terrain map and spawn the units from inside the game.
I’ll research a bit to see how to accomplish that.