Probe trick on every map in 1v1 ladder

Shows how to get your probe out with a full walloff

edit 1: Updated for romanticide

edit 2: Jagannatha
Looking at the technique used in jagannatha it seems you’d be able to do it on any map with your own buildings instead of relying on terrain.

edit 3: Yep, works on lightshade too

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But what is the purpose of this?

like if you wall your nat full off why would you wanna get a probe out and lose 25 minerals?

So you can take your third vs zerg without killing one of your buildings. One situation you’d want to full wall is if you open forge first vs 12 pool, you can wall with gate cyber forge, cannon behind and skip zealot/2nd gateway/2nd adept. You are more ahead economically at the cost of delayed tech, and eventually have to replace one of those buildings to take a third, this video shows how you can delay that step for 25-50 minerals. I also saw skillous do it in a pvp vs maxpax on oxide while going blink.