Potential toss buffs

i think this unit should be buffed , and i dont even play toss .

as apposed to charge lot , ( or over writes charge lot when upgraded ) the should have a more expensive long tech time , permante zelot upgrade that makes zelot very formidable mid game or even late game

plus 40 shields
become High DPS like ( similar damage but faster , if that makes sense )
maybe even an amor buff ?
time increase

but at the cost of its charge lot .

possible mineral increase and small gass 25 , increase and time increase as you have upgraded the unit to high tier , and clearly going for ground assault .

in tier one , zelot has to be a little weak due to the fact that it dont take a lot of strength to knock down marines and lings .

i say this for zelot because , toss goes air casue ground is some how weak . a mid game zealot buff or zelot upgrade , maybe a new building , or make the skill researchable at dark shrine or robotics or something to inshur its late game affect .

a stronger zealot might make ultra a more popular unit .


i dont like being shot from across the map one screen in any direction , that , thats got some serious exploit ablitly . but if i could get my " swarm host 2 " i would have an equally powerful unit , that can pretty much do the same , not as cheep , but kinda the same .

Clearly should stay low low DPS .

have tempest was a realy cool unit , but being able to hit air with it , is kinda op , im totaly cool with toss a having a Greater than thou brood lord .


i dont play toss that much , but blink either needs a faster recharge time

or a few more range to blink with , and a slower recharge time .

i think that either option should be an expensive in game upgrade .

Stalkers fall off super hard in late game vs all races. It’s only use is early/mid game