Possible in editor?

So I been making wc3 maps for a while and its always been fun as it’s a lot easier to work with and sc2 was just always to complicated but with easy mode added, and since they brought wc3 spells to sc2 finally(biggest thing that always kept me away from sc2 editor), I want to try to maybe get into it. But I don’t want to waste time either so just wanted to ask if this is possible(without expert knowledge or 100s of hours of triggering work).

  1. Resistance, I know there is damage types, but its similar to wc3, is there a way to easily make resistance? So its similar to an RPG for example you would have fire/cold/lightning resistance, and you would be able to buff these resistance types. So my resistance to each damage type would be able to change freely through the map over and over.

  2. Change ability damage fields with a trigger(Was added to wc3). It seems this would be in set user data, but was unable to find a way to do it.

  3. There is no cap to the amount of abilities a unit can have correct? Its ok if there is a limit of at one time learned but I mean just in general does it allow you to add like 60 abilities to one unit for example

IIRC, you should do some things in data editor, like create for each type of magic resistance some things, then use validator to check it, and etc.

You can create upgrade that will change the ability’s damage. And when you to raise it, just use trigger to get the upgrade.

The only cap is how much you can put at the same, but I haven’t met a limit.

So my experience is pre 5.0 patch with the editor. For the most active and experienced mappers, you should check out the SC2 Mapster discord.

  1. Previously this wasn’t easily done, but I recall reading in the editor patch notes that they had some new damage stuff, so it might be easier now.

  2. Previously this was easy to do on a unit type basis with either upgrades, or a “catalog” trigger. On a per unit basis some things were doable with behaviors, but not all stats. I recall some patch notes saying certain per unit changes would now be easier. Let me know if you don’t know the difference between unit type vs unit, and I can explain further.

  3. Pre patch I think the limit was around 32. I heard in the new patch they have a way to swap abilities

what is a catalog trigger?
It sounds like upgrades would be easiest, but just going over the upgrades in the game I still don’t see how they link to the original ability, like for example lets just say I wanted an upgrade to increase EMP damage by 10% damage per rank, what fields am I looking for to do that? I see an effect EMP (Damage) which is where I assume the damage would be located, but I see no damage field here, or even in the ability tab I see no damage field.

There are actions in the trigger editor with “catalog” in their name, such as “Catalog reference set”. There’s some others as well that do the same thing, but the interface is a little different. Catalog triggers work just like upgrades, so it’s similar in both cases.

You’re correct in looking at the EMP (Damage) effect. For damage effects, the main damage is under a field called “Amount”. EMP happens to use a field called “Shield Bonus”, because it only hurt shields. It looks like they use a separate effect for the energy drain, EMP (Modify Unit).

Also worth noting that damage effects have an attribute bonus field which lets you deal extra damage to light, armored, biological, etc. You can also tell the damage effect what type of damage it is with the “type” field, and the “death” field. So you could have it trigger a fire death for instance when it deals the final blow.

thanks :slight_smile: that did help, as I do see the fields you mentioned.
So while I do see the damage types this seems similar to wc3, where you can have “lightning” damage, but where is the “lightning resist” I still don’t see how a unit can have a specific resistance to a damage type.

I think I would be able to create an ability and have upgrades how I wanted, Didn’t test yet but just going over it, I do feel like I would be able to :). Definitely going to be a lot more work then wc3, but once I can at least get into it without being completely lost, think I will enjoy it :). Just got to figure our the resistance, as I want it to play a major roll in my map