Please reduce the time taken for prestige grind

Honestly, those solutions all seem a bit complex. I feel like the best option is to just keep it simple, with something like a single releveling is all that is needed to unlock all three Prestige options for that commander.

That would cut down the grind down to a third, essentially. Basically just need to Prestige once to unlock the alternate kits. Thus, this still require people to play through from 1-15 again to refresh themselves on each commander, but only once instead of three times. That way, one still has to work to earn Prestige options, but no longer is it unnecessarily long and grueling.

And of course, for those very few who enjoy that, the Prestige option is always there again for those to reset themselves to their hearts’ content. That way, everyone gets what they want. A way to start fresh now and then for those who like that kind of thing, and those who don’t like that leveling process don’t have to do it three times on each commander just to experience all their toys.

It’s a simple solution, and one that’s hard to argue against unless one is the kind of person who wants to keep stuff out of the hands of casuals for arbitrary or entitlement purposes.

Yeah I’d like the idea of a experience boost for each prestige or while prestieging your exp both still could level up you and your mastery at the same time for cosmetics or new players, turning it into a grind. After you were done, maybe you could have a option to set your 1-15 level for fun for the self challenge people say level 7 or 9 to Mess with builds.

Maybe something small like a +10% extra mission xp for beating a map while under level 10 and without masteries etc. Just for those wanting to push the envelope for those self challenge people or something but any xp boost to prestieging or gaining mastery levels while leveling would be great.

That’s no different than the Prestige talents, many of them have no effect on level 1 commanders.

I like the idea of
1 Prestige->choose your talent
2nd Prestige get 2 remaining talents

But having the ability to relevel with Prestige AND Mastery active would be good for increasing replay value (and something more for grinders who want to get the max display… you can get 1000 Ascension, but can your Prestige number would be different for each commander, so 1000 Prestige would be possible to reach with one commander for a serious grinder, but not all 18)