Please give us the option to keep cursor visible and moving when drag scrolling

Watch this.
As this person drags the camera, their cursor remains visible, and it moves around. This is not how it works in SC2. In SC2 it works like this.
Your cursor disappears, and it is locked in place until you stop moving it. Not only is this unintuitive because my cursor is no longer moving as I move my mouse, but it is also confusing because I can no longer see my cursor.
I am not asking for invert scroll here. I already know about that option.


God no. You are asking them to change a serious part of the functionality of a mechanic we have gotten used to since Feb of 2010. If you played DOTA before SC2, this will be tough, but if you played SC2 first, it’s natural.

It may feel unnatural to you, but it feels perfect for me (and probably a lot of others who started in beta). I wouldn’t argue against an option to do this, but to outright change it would probably give me gas.

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Its not taking away anything from you. Its an OPTION.

How is it not intuitive exactly? You know where it was based what is selected or selection box.

When you move your mouse, what happens to your cursor 100% of the time? It moves. The way drag scroll works in SC2, your cursor doesn’t move. That is not intuitive because it is inconsistent with how the mouse works everywhere else.
Pretty simple.

I agree with OP and would like this to be a tunable knob.

I know many people use drag scroll in its current form and prefer it over edge scrolling, but the fact that the cursor disappears and reappears without moving relative to the screen is jarring and I find it easier to just edge scroll.

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I also have this problem, is there any solution to solve this problem? i aslo think it is intuitive to use . i need my cursor move while using drag scroll.