Players using WEMOD in Co-Op, not Banned?


Check this player (Asia Server)

This player used ‘WEMOD’ which reduces skill’s Cooldown.

10 Hyperions were created and the game was cleared in only 2 minutes.

Some players are using Hack programs to gain exp in co-op mod to reach prestige levels.

Why Blizzard don’t ban players using Hacks?

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Tried to look up the link but couldn’t figure out what’s missing (tried and removed the double : ). Lol

I have watched a video showing how to use wemod to farm xp in coop mode before. Basically the cheat can set the cooldowns of top bar abilities to 0, and from what I have seen it also provides god mode. So pratically you can spawn ,for example, 50 Hyperions at the same time, which can clear the whole map in less than 20 seconds on Void Thrashing. You even have to wait for sgt hammer’s fortress to appear after the first minute of the game or the mission can’t be completed!
So I think there are some people who use this cheat to farm xp for mastery or ascension levels, and now we have the latest prestige system whick requires A LOT of xp.
For blizzard, I dont know if they are aware of thie issue. Even worse, from all the contents of coop mode that we have got in the past 2 years, I highly suspect that for devs they are just very short of both human and techincal resources, so they dont want to put effort into this mess.

Couldn’t sc2 just put a relatively low tech flag to watch out for games done under a normal timeframe, (etc, 3-5 minutes), then check or detect cheats? I guess cheating pve is kinda the silliest if you could just report playing with them or if they just play with a alt account. I mean I do hate cheaters as much as anyone and that could be a definite review but it seems like blizzard could just scan players with consistent abnormal times or put a flag if cds are used before they should etc and patch the vulnerabilities.

Because Blizzard is not a company caring relative deprivation of players. They just pretend to ban players using macro and hack in Diablo, Overwatch, and other games, don’t ban them sincerely. A hacker even had taken 1st place in Overwatch more than an year. Co-op? Man, how can you think that a company like Blizzard cares cheating in pve?

Then there ya go, problem solved for all the grinder-whiners.

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A close freind of who uses wemod told me that he can’t use wemod anymore on any multypalyer match and it softbans ( you cant do anything untill you reopen the launcher) but in the campaign it works, i told him not to use it on online games but he believes as long as he does not use it against a player everything will be ok.

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