Play Campaign Missions with Co-op Commanders?

I’ve been enjoying the campaigns but I feel like they could be improved. I understand it is much work, and I will gladly pay to have these commanders released for use with the campaign missions; it does cost money to have engineers, software developers, QA, and coders to do this of course. I don’t see us getting another Co-op commander any time soon, but this would give days of new playability, especially if we were able to use any of the prestiges we have unlocked on Co-op. I bet it would make sense if only the commanders for that faction was playable for that faction, but maybe it could be expanded with archives?

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This kind of relates to Co Op commanders in the campaign.

There is not going to be a Starcraft 3. BUT if I was a certain greedy company that only wanted $$ but was actually willing to make a new RTS game, here is how I’d do it, to make the most profit.

Again this isn’t necessary what I’d like to see but this is how I’d do an RTS if I wanted a big return:

No race campaigns only co op commander factions.

Each co op commander faction comes with a single player mission pack of 3 missions. Then you can probably sell each commander/ mini campaign for $10 a pop.

If Blizzard were to do SC3 I think they’d go this direction to monetize the crap out of it. So essentially instead of selling a game plus 2 expansions you sell an initial game with 3 commanders , each with 5 single player campaign missions (first 3 get more missions), and you sell 15 expansions for at least $10 a piece maybe $12.