Platinum heroes is recruiting players

We at Platinum Heroes are one of the biggest na and eu clans with players of every level. Besides the name we are a team that focuses on player improvement, hosts In-Houses with prize, have players of all level up to 6.3k mmr in our prod division with players like Fightingfrog, Hateme,PAPI, Rodzyn and IBA as most notable names.

here is what we can offer you if you want to join:

  • Tournaments & Events with cash prizes (Monthly 50$ tournmament split beetween top 4) - Participation in various team leagues up to any mmr (this is also kinda mandatory that you play in these when asked and you can make it)
  • A practice/coaching environment with players up to 6.3k mmr
  • established and experienced management and organisation in the SC2 scene
  • A Themed Overlay for Streamers

What we want to see in return:

  • Good manners when representing the team
  • Participation/activity in the Game/Discord/Teamleagues and tournaments
  • Commitment to our community
  • The will to improve

if you want to join contact Tassad#9815 on discord:

Count me in guys, im a friendly noob but noone wants to play with me

Hey Tassad, just sent you a friend request over discord if you’re still recruiting. I just started playing a few weeks ago. Looking for some people around my skill level to level up with. thx