Placement and ladder issues

I assume by now everyone has experienced the ladder and ranking issues i.e. having 2400 MMR and being Master III. Or perhaps your MMR is 3000 and you’re stuck in bronze grinding away. Everyone who still plays this game has more than likely been around for some time. My buddies and I are noobs, we play and fight our own little battles and have good conversations about theory craft etc. However this issue is persistent, and not seeing the correct response from the last intern left at Blizzard/activision this deserves. Is there anyway this can be bumped, kept in the spotlight and brought to the attention of said intern to get this finally resolved? Or will it forever be “just look at MMR and grind away” I feel having little things to work towards and be confident in the system is important for a game and rank structure like SC2. Thanks lads


This is disgrace that prestigious rank such as master is being given to starting players with no idea what is happening in game…

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It will be like this forever just as it has for 2020, 2021, and now 2022

I know my Gold tier play style says master III lol

I was wondering about that. I hadn’t played in a while and was placed in Bronze with 2900 MMR… my first thought was “I guess its just the Diamond and above players left, so on a curve I’m at back at Bronze?”

Not that it matters much. My games are matching me with players +/- 150 MMR.

Hey Gang,

I have the same problem for ranking issues. Just today I had players just quit,hang up during the gameplay to cheat, and give up during the matches. That hurts other players like me to finish up the teams when it is so close of finished it. I hope Blizzard writes a program about anticheating software soon.

Walter Chow​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:.

Ya… 2800 MMR here, just got placed against this poor sap with 1800 mmr… And the game before that was some dude at 3300, I won both games, 3300 was only because he messed up and I happened to catch his army out and moving killing 20% before he reacted, 1800 was a roflstomp and I don’t really feel good beating on some one that much lower MMR… Please, Microsoft, fix this for Blizzard? PLEASE?!?

Oh, and the game has me in “bronze” too… and both of my opponents were in ‘master’ roflmao, HOW?!?

This bug has been going on for years I dont know if they actually plan on fixing it.