On The Dominion and uniqueness of Factions

i think that the main selling point of a campaign is comprised of two things. the story, and the fact that it is a singleplayer campaign and thus is different from the other experiences that a game offers, and that it has unique scenarios, cinematics, etcetra.
however, for me, the experience feels hollow or unfulfilling if there is not a dose of realism included. for example every terran, zerg, and protoss across each of the campaigns, is very much the same. in some scenarios it makes sense, in many others i wish it was not the case.
this post is about that.
The whole point is that i wish that each of the involved factions in the campaigns, were more unique, perhaps by using more faction-themed units and buildings.
my go-to example, the dominion, could have used a combined mix of troopers and marines (marines in dominion’s points of interest, troopers on fringe world missions). dominion likes to build up a garrison but it has no unique fort-like structure, and a planetary fortress is more of a planetary joke in the campaigns.

the same could go for raynor’s raiders, as the faction is themed about surgical strikes, bounty hunting, and acquiring personnel and equipment, unlike the dominion, which is themed around being like its current emperor. during wol and hots, this comes down to dictatorship, propaganda, and the saying that the end justifies the means.
and this could have been the case not just for raiders but for the various zerg broods, although they are very very similar to each other, and the protoss.

the uniqueness does not have to be only limited to faction themed units and buildings, if you get what i mean - like faction themed mechanics, where killing a unit, destroying a building, or constructing something in some place could cause something in that area of the battlefield.