OC battery/Voidray are totally imbalanced

It totally killed the fun of ZVP for as zerg players
For incident there is NO MORE small harass, it is not even worth to send small group of units to micro simply because batteries and it’s Overcharge cover like 2.2K hit points with invest of only 100 minerals/1 min CD. (This is total unhealth)
Then Voidray pretty much just kills everything, Zerg has nothing good to compete at similar timing. It is too fast and cheap with high quality for all situation since 3:30 in early game! It can even increase its damage at almost no costs. (This is totally imbalanced)
Here you have, the best shield and spear, hope the balance team take this into consideration.

Suggest have Fleet Beacon as requirement for Voidray to unlock.
Prismatic Alignment require research in Fleet Beacon to unlock.

Voidray in current version are too strong at PVZ early anti-scout, harass(Destroy a Hive kind), defense, offense. Such strong unit able to do everything since early game, it is OP.

na just charge across map with queens its op strat Pro player admits he dosnt understand/know the nerf that happen still dos it and still wins.

im not good agents toss yet , but , voids aren’t that great , and if so are the only mild useful . as most of zerg units are low health .

agenst carriers , both zerg ground AA units counter prerty hard
phenoix , not much a threat , lest they use them on our ultras
tempest , is for siege .

predy much just hit them with a fat ton of corruptors and some vipers .

with zerg ya cant all in them at there base , gota beat them elts where

when they turtle up build spore forests

im not good with vipers , but they are perdy effective

I been building proxy hatch.

12 build proxy hatch
11 pool
10 gas’s drone 13 3 on gas. Wait for pool to finish.
Proxy hatch be done right after pool. Rush with lings and proxy queen drop tumor and aid lings.

Now for Terran I go fast lair and wait two queen from my proxy do 2 queen 16 ling drop.