Observer rework


This series goes to show how dependent Protoss is on micro.

Something has to counterbalance the amount of micro involved. Not a buff but something like a change in mechanic, something to lessen that dependence on micro. You’ll notice that in these matches, micro is enabled by vision. Protoss has some good scouting abilities but they’re all counterbalanced by the fact that the scouting itself requires micro. Why not make it less dependent on micro? Something like: remove observers from robo facilities, make it so that each nexus spawns one observer. When the observer attached to the nexus dies, that nexus automatically starts building a new observer (45 seconds build time maybe? requires no resources). Its just an innate ability of the nexus. That not only frees up desperately needed robos, it requires less micro and incentivizes protoss to keep expanding. That’s already something that they need to do to keep even. Maybe we can have it as an upgrade to the nexus, so that protoss dont get a free observer early game.

or they could just increase observer speed …

I think we’re it is made should be removed and put nexus and give it cross breed of scan.

Where it’s energy base unit and Protoss can teleport it anywhere on the map.

I think that move it nexus and make energy based cost about 150. It can be produce anywhere on map even without vision.

Be more advance then Terran scan since its actual unit free unit but does take up pop.

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i do think oberver needs to be a bit more buff , its supper delicate , its not like over seers and scan sweep are in short supply .

up pop to 2 , grant health bonus , and speed .

observers from nexi is certainly a very interesting idea, and actually kind of cool, even if impractical. however, don’t just turn it into a scan, make it build like a normal observer, just you don’t have to build the robo. maybe make it a cyber core unit. would also give nexi something to do when not building probes