Nydus Worm Suggestion:

Allow air units to travel in the Nydus Worm

simple but I’m sorta an idiot… The game developers of this game are perfect in my eyes like its an amazing chess board.

I think only Mutas, and have them “Dive bomb” in causing them to load and unload faster; and Scourge too if they bring them to SC2 Multiplayer…

What would be cool - like to switch it up and add more depth / strategy to the game, would be to do like MOBAs do, where you can ban heroes but in this have it be single player units to choose from / ban, like a “Side deck” in trading card games kinda too, choose once you find a match but before it starts… . . Maybe have to remove random it that to work - or have random players make “Pre-sets” like 4-5 and then RANDOMIZE THOSE forcing them to switch up their play style :thinking: