Nuke lore and change ideas

Hello everyone,

I’ve had a few questions on my mind recently. If nukes shouldn’t do different things than they are doing now. I know they are in a pretty solid state right now. I’ve been digging around some on the forums and people seem quite okay with it’s current state. I’d still like ask what people would think about these.

  1. How do you guys feel about a nuke landing on creep, and instantly clearing the creep in it’s entire blast radius? Nuclear weapon heat and kinetic energy has enough power to wipe out all living matter. Should it not only clear tumors, but also all active creep it hits?

  2. I looked around other RTS games to see what superweapons do there. From what i gathered in YouTube videos and some forums posts is that superweapons are usually used to cripple a construcion yard/CC or main building so that rebuilding can be prevented. I found it interesting as well when people used it just to clear up a stack of base defenses and finish the rest with the main army.

Q:Should the nuclear weapon be getting a damage change so it can specifically damage static defenses, so it can 1 hit them, but very likely the damage tradeoff versus regular buildings should be removed for balance then?
The idea behind it is to open up locked down turtle positions more, as well as provide a solid deterrent to overly committing on static defenses.

  1. Should a Ghost use it’s targeting laser on a mobile unit, so that the laser guided targeting system of the nuke? (maybe it would be more exepnsive per missile too). The unit could run out of range and cancel the sequence…or F-2ed right ontop of the army…It can also help with pushing into spine and sporewalls.

  2. Should the nuke (or a ghost EMP) cancel or pause any active warp-ins that didn’t get destroyed? The blast and EMP seems strong enough to completely destabilize a warp in, triggering perhaps a safety system to cancel the warp in and save the Protoss building or unit on the origin point of the warp. (resources invested by the Protoss would redeemed as a regular cancel)

I’d like to know what you think about this. :slight_smile:

1 as a zerg with current creep spread time and stuff i think it doesn’t need change to remove the residual creep sure the spread time was buffed but also it recedes faster when the creep generator (hatch, tumor, nydus, ov poop) is removed

2 in other games you can’t build 2 “temple of nod” or “ion cannon relays” f.e. (even though in Cnc3 those feel weak aswell, especially after the long CD of 6ish minutes) so having the ability as terran to build multiple nukes in advance to use them on various spots on the map is more then enough compensation for the lack of damage i think … i mean as zerg here where is zerg superweapon? :smiley:

3 i don’t think tagging units with nukes is a good decision with the long channeling time in mind yuu wouldn’t be able to cast nukes very often since the units tagged will leave the area to fast

4 emp last time i checked (yesterday to be precise :smiley: ) don’t do damage at all besides shield and energy drain so they by themselve shouldn’t be able to interrupt warpins
and i highly doubt that you want as terran give protoss the resources back that you took out with nukes in that situation, also successfully remove stuff currently warping feels not that great if you know the oponent will be compensated :smiley: