Not allowing dual monitors is pretty outdated

I read that the devs didn’t allow dual monitors because “it wouldn’t be fair for people who can’t afford them.” Well, that was in 2010. In 2024, it can be under $100. It’s bad because the game would greatly benefit from it. The styles people complain about, turtling and rushing, are a symptom of the one monitor limit. Imagine how neat it would be to be able to watch two locations at once? The game practically begs for it.

i can testify that being able to watch several parts of the map is awesome as well as a headache all in its self. usually if im playing teams with my other streamer freinds i will put there streams up on my other monitors so i can see whats going on with everyone. its definately fun and ads to the experience specially in a team game. same with voice chat through discord and being able to communicate with one another, kinda wish sc2 would of kept or used the voice chat system.

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All dev work on SC2 has ceased. New features are not going to be added.

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no duh dude, we all know that already

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I’m praying that the Microsoft deal bears fruit…

that you can keep dreaming about

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If “we” all know that, then why are people still asking for new features?

Either OP does not know, in which case informing them is reasonable; or they do know and they’re incapable of accepting reality and need that checked with reassurance that there is nothing on this Earth or any other that will give them the multimonitor support they want.

We have to believe! Blizz still throw thousands of dollars at tournaments, they still have the source code, it could be done!

or the third option, hes just having a discussion on the forums to talk to others about a topic. you know, since nothing in the op even was asking blizzard to do anything at all and it was directed to the people on the forums…IN GENERAL DISCUSSION… but i guess your oh so genius intelligence has missed this fact.

but i mean it still could be the second option as well as it is comeing from our good buddy guyz…maybe…lol

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It’s funny, when you think about the things people do, like general work, it’s not even that big of an ask. I’m sure someone could look over the code, or whatever. I’m sick of the radio silence from Blizz on such a beloved game. We can fix it for them.

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ok…so the second option…

“They’re not asking for it!”

Yes they are. You’re entitled to willful ignorance as that is the typical go-to for people on the internet, but they are actually asking for it to be added, in so many words.

It will also, still, never happen. Obviously you can discuss it, please point to where I said you can’t if you think I’m saying that; I’m just saying it’s the equivalent of asking NASA to let you live on Pluto. It’s not happening no matter how much you want it, discuss it, say it’s possible/easy, etc. That’s just the reality of it.

Eh, it’s alright. As always, there’s a workaround. Just play on Archon mode with two seperate accounts.