(Noob question) Why are SC maps so routine?

Every single SC map is made of basic elements (expands) with only various shape of their placement and may be ramps.
Every expand is very similar to each other making players put their base into the expand at the exact location and with exact amount of workers. Imo this makes the game looks very similar from map to map.
There’s no maps where minerals will be spread among entire map, or flat maps with some mineral condensed in the middle, without exact “base” locations making players think on where and how to expand, dicide and measure their risk and reward with some dangerous expands.
I have drawn the example when sc will never looks like but cant understand why:
https //i imgur com/6a22oRq png

Uniformity and symmetry are necessary to maintain balance. If it turns out one side becomes favored over another, then no one will want to play on that map.

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I understand that multiplayer maps should be symmetrical. The question is about turning “bases” with exact mineral and gas amount into wide spreaded mineral spawns and flat maps without expands with ramps. Like maps in the AoE for example.

That’s where uniformity comes in. But there are some maps where a natural ramp does not exist. Ex: the recently removed submarine map. Bases need to be uniform. There is just an overwhelming preference to them, and quite frankly, I don’t see any particular benefit to staggering minerals more or changing the resource count.

For example SC:BW has some maps which appears to be original, for example “Jackpot!” map

It allows the AI to be lazier :smile:

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